Saturday, August 30, 2008

Preschool Activity Box

At the beginning of the summer (before I had the baby) I put together a box of fun educational ways to entertain Treyton. I was able to find (on-line) a list of ideas to assist in this endeavor. This box is great to have around when I can't work one-on-one with Treyton, though at this point he isn't able to do some of the stuff on his own he is learning and can do some of it on his own... and it's better than putting him in front of the TV.

The box is actually a filing system which is broken down into ziploc baggies (I use gallon size with the zipper because it's easier for kids to open and close on their own) each baggie contains a different "activity"

Some of the activites included in my box are:
~ Sorting Colors Box: A craft box with a colored bead glued in the bottom of each section. There are also several (5-10) beads of each color to seperate into each section.
~ I have a baggie of 4 different types of noodles and four small bowls for the child to divide out the different noodles into each bowl
~ Numbers & Counting: a bag full of pennies and flash cards - on one side of the flash card is the numerical number (1, 2, 3) on the back side I have round stickers to illustrate the number (for example the number 3 card has three circle stickers on the back and a number "3" on the front). The child puts the card in front of him and counts out the number of pennies the corelates with the number and to double check his work he is able to turn the card over and match the pennies to the circles.
~ Tracing paper and shapes
~ Paper & Safety scissors
~ Bubble Wrap
~ Lacing Shapes (I made myself with shoelaces and card board)

Friday, August 29, 2008

What Our First Year Looks Like: The Beginning

This is our first year homeschooling and while we are not committing to anything, I am fairly certain it won't be our last. As of right now I have the thought and motivation to continue for as long as the Lord has in mind for us.

We are currently focused on "preschool" with our oldest, our son, Treyton. He is 3 years old. I didn't think that any type of formal education would be appropriate so I have written my own "curriculum". It is based on a letter of the week, but staying focused on two primary subjects a week (For Example: Week 1 - Letter A - Ants & Apples). While it is centered around a letter of the week, at this time we are not focusing on writing or learning the letters, rather we are working towards letter recognition (if that).

The "curriculum" is primarily centered on arts & crafts, fun activities, songs, books, snacks and fun. There aren't too many formalities yet (he is only three!) and we don't do too many worksheets (though we do some) and there is no "testing" or requirements that we must reach. I have a few goals (for the year) but even those are flexible. We're just trying to have fun and learn something in the process!!

Our primary goal is to have a Christ-centered home so while education is important to us, our priority (even in our schooling) is to learn about, live for and love God. This for us involves discipleship, discipline and love. We don't have all the answers (or even a few), we're just trying to do what God has called us to do, and for now, that means educating our children at home according to the way that God guides us.... the posts following this is what that looks like (for us).