Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 3: Letter D - Dog & Dirt

As you probably noticed we skipped the letter "C" that was because letter C is a week-long plan on Creation and I wanted to save it until later in the year, when I think he may retain more of it. Learning the days of creation is one of my goals this year and I want to give Treyton the best scenario in which he can actually learn the days of creation (plus spring seems like the perfect time to learn about Creation)

Day One: Dirt
We read a couple of books. Treyton's favorite was "Garden Wigglers" which was on earth worms - Treyton loves worms so we spent most of the day learning about worms rather than dirt but that's okay by me. We went outside and turned over some dirt to look for worms and other bugs. Treyton picked out the worms (along with some dirt) and placed them in the back of his dump truck.... don't worry we returned them later (what am I going to do with a bunch of worms?). He spent a long time observing the worms.
Next we mixed together some mud (learning that water and dirt make mud) and made mud paintings. Treyton wanted to do LOTS of this craft (again.... boys and their dirt!)

Day Two: Dogs
We made a dog bone tag - I cut it out of cardboard beforehand and wrote Treyton's name on it. Treyton glued glitter, pom poms, and sequence all over his tag.
We made dog cards by folding paper. I drew on the face and treyton colored it. (including the tongue - which I foolishly forgot :)) He also put on the googly eyes all on his own.
Next we ate and drank like puppies - my goal was to make puppy chow but I didn't get around to it so the next best thing.... store bought chex mix! As you can imagine Treyton LOVED this and I was worried he would want to do it for the rest of the day (all of his meals) but it wasn't a problem... yet :)
We read some books - learning that dogs pant when they are hot, and that dogs hear really well - better than humans.

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Lex0307 said...

Love it!! But I have a hard time keeping up with you - wish I still had all that energy and enthusiasm!! Guess it comes from having a passion for life which I am so glad you have found. Love Ya!