Thursday, September 4, 2008

Week 1: Letter A, Ants & Apples


Well, we did our first day of preschool today!! It was tons of fun - Treyton loved it. We decided to do it today, while dad was home so that I could totally focus on Treyton while dad could take care of Alexa.
We read the apple books we got from the library, we then talked about how the apple has three parts (the skin, the middle and the core) just like God (the father, son and holy spirit). We then colored a picture of a tree and added finger print apples. We painted out hands and arm brown and made a tree (from his print) and added apples to our tree. We also took apples, cut them and half and made apple prints.
Treyton wanted more... more... more!! However he settled for a Bible Story (adam and eve in the garden of eden - the fall). Then we had our apple snack --- apple mouths (apples for the lips, peanut butter for the gums, and marshmallows for the teeth) YUM!
We really had a good time going over the letter "A" and the color red (and green).... I am so excited for the coming up year, as is Treyton!!

We read our books on ants and did our crafts. THis didn't take vary long so we also worked on writing the letter "A" and drawing circles. He struggled to write "A" (he made the right three lines they just didn't connect). So we backed up and did slanted lines and he said "Too hard, Mama". So we didn't finish the worksheet. However, he was excited to write "T" and wrote several of them on his ant coloring page.
For crafts today I printed the letter "A" on a sheet of paper and had Treyton stamp his finger up the letter, we then drew legs on our "ants". He also colored a picture of an ant and we then put glue at the bottom and sprinkled sand on it. Treyton liked this craft the best... boys and their dirt!! :)
Treyton wanted more and more and more this week so we did Joseph and the coat of many colors this week (reading the story and doing a coffee filter craft) as well as working on some worksheets - drawing horizontal lines (straight and curvy). He also used some of our preschool box activities, and sorted noodles into different containers, and finger painted in his giant "Cars" book.
For a first week I couldn't ask for more. Treyton was enthusiastic and motivated to do more than I could prepare for. I am really looking forward to the coming up "school year"!!

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