Monday, October 6, 2008

Week 4: Letter E "Elephant & Eggs"

This week was the Letter E

Day 1: Elephant
~ We started by walking on all 4s like elephants and making elephant sounds (which Treyton is really good at)
~ For crafts we painted a picture of an elephant - we used mostly grey - but that got a little boring for Treyton so we had to add in a little extra "fun" color. He was able to pick out the color grey (out of 12 choices) right away which I thought was pretty good because I can't recall ever really working with or talking about the letter grey.
~ Next we made an elephant puppet which Treyton did almost entirely on his own. He did the glue (stick) and placed all the items where they were supposed to go. I did help a little with the arms and trunk because they were only partially glued on. Either way, this is a big step for me because I'm always trying to "help" to make sure that it's perfect (I know silly). Anyhow, it turned out really good - I was surprised by his accuracy and attention to detail.
~ For our next craft we traced Treyton's hand and colored it gray. We cut it out and turned it upside down on a piece of paper, drawing in "elephant details". We added on green paper for grass and yellow for a sun. I thought this craft turned out really cute.
~ We sang the song "The Elephants are Here" with the motions and Treyton really liked that!
~ We made elephant ears using pre-made pie crust, sugar and cinamon. Treyton LOVES cooking, so I think this was his favorite, however, it didn't really turn out that well, though he didn't seem to mind.
~ We read LOTS of elephant books, Treyton didn't really have a favorite.... maybe the Diego one but it was hard to tell. He just made alot of elephant sounds!! :)

Day 2: Eggs
~ We talked about which animals come from eggs, his first answer was "dinosaurs" which I thought was cute. (He LOVES dinosaurs right now and his favorite movie is "The Land Before Time 2" which has "egg nappers" in it). His next answer was duckies. We went through his "Big Book of Animals" and talked about which animals came from eggs (snakes, turtles, birds, etc.)and which didn't. He really enjoyed this and was actually pretty good at it.
~ We threw kix cereal into an egg carton and then counted how many were in each section. He REALLY liked this and I am pretty sure it will be a game we have around for a while.
~ We also tried to number sections in the egg carton and count out the correct number of kix but he wasn't as good at this and didn't really like it at all.... we moved on.
~ We colored eggs on paper. I would draw a design and then he would try to copy it on his page. He did really well with this and wanted to do it "more" and "more"!! He expecially liked the zig zag lines and saying it!
~ Because he liked the lines so much we decided to do some worksheets on lines (zig zag, straight, curvy, left to right, top to bottom) he loved this and we worked on these for about 30 minutes!! (I know, I was surprised too)
~ We read a humpty dumpty poem and discussed it (why did humpty fall? what was he doing? what happened to humpty after he fell?) Treyton traced the egg with his finger and then with a marker.
~ We read some egg books and talked about the animals again....

Overall this week went well, I got a little frustrated when it came to the counting egg carton thing, because I know he can count but he was refusing to do it. I had to take a step back and just let it go, I could tell I was pressuring him too much. I am learning that he strives on positive feedback and reinforcement so I'm using that approach more and it is working well.

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