Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week 5: Letter "F" Frogs & Fish

Day 1: Fish

~This week we learned about fish. We created our own aquairum with a red piece of construction paper and a smaller blue construction paper - I cut out fish shapes in different colors and Treyton glued them on (he's really learning how to work the glue well! but he doesn't like sticky hands :)) We also added a Big Letter F on our aquarium to incorporate the letter of the week.
~ We also made a fish bowl by cutting a big circle out of construction paper and attaching tissue
paper (blue) and foam fish. Treyton really liked teh foam fish this was his favorite part.
~ We had goldfish for our snack
~ We read a few fish books
~ I printed off a sheet of different kinds of fish all shapes and sizes and I had treyton tell me which fish was teh biggest, smallest, skinniest, fattest, most colorful, his favorite one, etc.

Day 2: Frogs

~ We sang one of mom's favorite songs "Five Green and Speckled Frogs" Alexa really liked this part! Treyton really got into this and was dancing all around.
~ we tried to play leap frog this didn't go so well, but Treyton liked it so we will keep trying :)
~ We did two frog crafts - which involved alot of gluing and placement. I stepped back and tried to allow Treyton to create his own type of frog --- it was hard but they once again turned out better than I thought. Treyton is actually much more of a perfetionist and orderly type person than I give him credit for and I seem to forget this alot, probably because his personality is so "not organized" LOL!
~ We read alot of frog books but Treyton liked "Frog Pajama Party" by Michael Dahl the best. We've read that one 5 times in two days!!

Misc. Activities
~ During the summer Treyton and I had started working on educational computer games (he likes the fisher price ones the best) but since Alexa has been born we haven't done any. So today he started playing some more.... He really likes them, and he will repeat everything they say like "T.... Tiger" "M..... Monkey" "Purple Star" it's realy cute when he tries to say the big words!!

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