Friday, November 7, 2008

Catching Up "H" & "I"

Wow - it's been a while since I posted.... I know I know... we were out of town for a week, then we were catching up from being out of town, and now my mom is in town for a week. So while we have done some school I would like to do a little bit better in the future.

I believe we left off with "G" (but now I can't remember).
When we got back from vacation we started with "H"

We worked on HANDS:
~ We made several hand crafts including a hand print thanksgiving tree. Treyton and I traced his hands onto construction paper and then cut them out - he then listed the things he was thankful for and I wrote them onto the "leaves" we stuck a cardboard tree trunk to the wall and then Treyton taped his "thanksgiving leaves" on the tree. It was really cute - some of the first things he was thankful for included: "Paint" "Home" "Daddy's Work" "Trucks" "Movies" and from there we moved through some family members.... I was really proud of the things that he came up with on his own though!
~ We also made a painted hand tree - we painted his hand and arm brown and put it on a piece of paper - we then too green, yellow and red paint and fingerprinted on some fall leaves.
~ While the crafts were fun my emphasis was actually on washing our hands and being clean. We sang the song "this is the way we wash our hands" while we washed and Treyton thought that that was great fun. We talked about how it is important to use warm water, to wash the backs of our hands and also in between our fingers.
~ I had made a picture instructional chart and we put it up in the bathroom for Treyton to see and follow as he washes his hands. I love it because when he washed his hands now, he will point to which part of the chart he is on and he tells me what he's doing.

This week we worked on "I"
~ The week after vacation we went on a tour of an ice cream parlor - we saw how they made their ice cream, how they decorated an ice cream cake and then the kids got to "make their own" ice cream. It was really neat and Treyton still talks about the big cow that came out to see us while we ate our ice cream!
~ We only did one craft for this theme. I made some circles and numbered them 1-5. Treyton put the number in order on a piece of paper and we included a triangle at the bottom to make our 5-scoop ice cream cone
~ We read a couple books on how ice cream was made - and Treyton liked this - though I think he is still more interested in the fact that cows eat corn and make milk than he is that the milk becomes ice cream. It's interesting though how he is tying in with this that mom makes milk too ---- oh the joys of breastfeeding :)
~ After we did our number craft we worked on some number activities to strengthen Treyton's counting. This is an area of stress for me because I am feeling a little lost. Treyton knows 1-5 pretty well.

If I say to him - give me three marbles, he will give me three, if I ask for four I get four. However if I ask him to count how many marbles are in front of him and there are three - he ALWAYS says four. When he counts he says "1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10" I have no idea what happened to 3, 5, 6, or 7 --- which by the way it used to be "1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10.....
I count with him and will say "1, 2, 3 ...... 1, 2, 3 - okay Treyton you say it" He says "1...... 2................ 4!!!" When I ask him how old he is he holds up 3 fingers and says 4.... but if he holds up 4 fingers he also says 4!
I'm not really sure - he counts in order with his fingers, he knows how many 3 is, and how many 4 is, and he can say three, because IF I say it he will say it, he just doesn't count it on his own - he almost acts like he forgets, even if I have told him seconds earlier.
If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE feel free to send me your ideas!

Treyton LOVED this day - he loves bugs - so we actually spent a couple days doing this one
~ We made a caterpillar out of circles on a piece of paper - drawing antennas and a smiling face
~ Treyton ripped up green paper and made some red circles - glued them to white construction paper for ladybugs and grass!
~ When his cousin Shayla was here we cut out egg cartons and painted them - we them hot glued them on cardstock and attached pipe cleaners to make egg carton caterpillars
~ Treyton and I also watched a glowworm section of a discovery channel planet earth episode - and while I know this is not an insect, Treyton had remembered it when we had watched it (we love our educational shows around here) and had asked to watch it so I said "why, not?" It's extremely interesting and Treyton asked to rewind it 2 times.
~ We read several insect books and while I had gotten some fact books with real-life pictures I also got some bug story books. Treyton MUCH more preffered the fact books and looking at the real life pictures of bugs than he did the story books.

Well, I've shortened it up to some extent but this is what school has looked like for us in the last few weeks.

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Jessica-MomForHim said...

Regarding his counting, you're doing fine with what you're doing. Don't worry, he's only 3, and he WILL get it eventually (even if it doesn't feel like it!). One day when you've given up, he'll just get it! Just carry on! :-)