Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"K" - Kangaroos, Kites & Kings

UPDATE: I had meant to post this back in December but I guess I forgot, here it is now (March 2009).

Day 1: Kangaroos

~ We made a kangaroo toilet paper roll craft. This didn't turn out as well as I would have wanted, the pouch wouldn't stay on and it didn't really look like much of a kangaroo. Treyton still had fun doing the craft and didn't really realize it didn't turn out so... it was still time well spent.

~ Treyton was fascinated with the kangaroo pouch, the mama and joey kangaroos.... he loves that type of stuff and kangaroos were no exceptions. We had some really cool kangaroo pictures that showed a teeny tiny baby kangaroo in the pouch and how it lives, what the pouch actually looks like, how the joey eats, etc. Treyton loved that book and we read it several times (the name is slipping me now, sorry).

~ As usual Treyton preferred the real-life books to the cartoon story books, which I think is awesome, but that's just me :)

~ We made a jumping kangaroo from the template and a brad - Treyton liked this craft - not so much the craft but the end product - he spent more time playing with his kangaroo than he did making it - though he did ask why the kangaroo only had one leg --- while the kangaroo had two legs, on the template they were together as one so you didn't see them individually so he thinks he has a one-legged kangaroo.

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