Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resources & Links: Worksheets & Printables

Worksheets and Printables 
Map Printables

Science With Me - offers worksheets, games, coloring pages and more 

Printable Share - printables for all different type units and themes, used this site to get a bunch of cute Solar System printables for both Alexa and Treyton. 

PreKinders - printables, lesson plans, themes and more!! Love this site

Sparklebox - resources for beginning reading - lots of printables - they actually have alot more than just phonics/reading, take a look around and you will certainly find something you like!

Making Learning Fun - Free printables (and some activities) for Pre-K through second grade covering LOTS of themes 

ABC Teach - Worksheets and activities by themes

Have Fun Teaching - Worksheets, Flash Cards, Coloring Pages and more

KidzClub - worksheets, printables, flashcards, crafts and more

Chaos Appreciation has an entire homemade Alphabet Coloring Book available for print and download.

Twinkl  offers lots of printables and worksheets in every category/subject. It is a british site so the money printables are not American currency.

Make Your Own 
Create your own crossword puzzle 

Create your own word search puzzle 

Create your own copywork/handwriting pages --- this is a COOL site!

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TaderDoodles (Lisa B) said...

Thanks for sharing my coloring book with your readers! I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to share.

Several of these links I've never visited before... so I'm off to check them out! Thanks