Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back from the Conference

Well, I am back from the CHEA conference and trying to wrap my mind around all of the information I have been given the past few days. Some of the information I already knew (being a product of Home School) but some was new. The best thing I came away with is confirmation - confirmation that we are doing the right thing and that Home Schooling our children is not only great for their education but their spiritual journey - and for Tim and I, we have much to teach our children.
We are so grateful to have the opportunity.

Even today, while we were eating lunch Tim said "I think we're going to learn alot home schooling." and I have to agree with him - this is going to be an exciting journey that I am sure will pass all to quickly.

Also, in exciting news, I ordered our Sonlight Curriculum this weekend --- we should get it within the next two weeks!! Yea!!

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Luke said...

Absolutely: Homeschooling let's us learn right along with our children [smile].

Be sure to let us know when Box Day comes so we can celebrate with you as you open up those Sonlight boxes.