Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our First Week with Sonlight (Journal Entry)

At Treyton's request we started school yesterday. Our first week of Sonlight.

Yesterday we read a few stories and talked a little bit about the seasons (thanks to The Bernstain's Bears Big Book of Science and Nature).
Knowing that we would start writing H's today in Handwriting without Tears Program we got out the play-doh and rolled out some letter H's. Treyton enjoyed this alot.

Today, we talked even more about the seasons. I drew 4 columns on the white board and as we talked about what happens during each season I would (try to) draw it on the board. For Winter, we obviously had snow and a Christmas Tree; for Spring, Rain Cloud/Rain and Flowers; for Summer the sun, a person sweating and a pool; for Fall, leaves, apples and pumpkins. Tomorrow I plan on maybe finding some cute/fun worksheets or crafts that we could do to further illustrate the seasons.... it seems to be something he is interested in. Any ideas regarding this - I would love a comment or e-mail with your ideas.
We also read some more (I really love Sonlight), and worked on H's and rectangles in our Handwriting without Tears book. Treyton has become an EXCELLENT colorer (is that a word) seriously - he is amazing - almost too good, his perfectionist nature will cause him (and me) a lot of grief I am sure :). He loves color so he switches it up alot, giving his picture such character. He is very particular about staying in the lines if/when he does go out of the line, he will sometimes draw a new line so that he is no longer considered "out" of the line.
All in all, I have to say it's good to be back, we have taken 3-4 weeks off and though I don't really have a "schedule" in mind, I'm liking the schedule of having the 9 weeks on 3 weeks off.... at this point I'm not sweating over any type of schedule but it sounds like a great idea, so I'm keeping it in mind.


Catherine said...

So glad to see you're having fun! My little one LOVES being read to as well and could seriously be read to for HOURS on end. :) We have to make weekly trips to the library just to keep up with her book appetite.

You're also bringing back memories from my teacher days. I used Handwriting w/o Tears for a short time when I taught K.

I love seeing what others are doing. Keep us updated!

Tami Jo said...

Way to GO TREYTON! You are doing so well!

Luke Holzmann said...

Excellent. I always got frustrated when what I was working on didn't turn out "perfectly"--hence, why I was frequently frustrated [smile]--so it's good to see Treyton's methods of positively dealing with the situation. May he continue to balance his creative side and perfectionism. Keep up the great work!


amyb said...

Yeah for you! I placed my order on Tuesday and am excited for it to arrive. I think we need something a little more structured and new right now. Samuel is getting bored with some of what I have here, so I am hoping the new readers will be fun and some more challenging materials will encourage him.

I am with you on the schedule thing, I am not real strict to anything yet. Maybe as everyone in the house gets older we will head that route. But now it is nice to have the freedom to explore new places, topics, etc without being tied to a schedule.