Friday, July 31, 2009

Too Many Cute Ideas

I had a little time this morning so I have been looking at some cute preschool mom blogs and WOW!! How amazing that we have the technology this day and age that the resources are absolutely ENDLESS.

I wanted to attach some of my favorites here, primarily for you to see and use (if you so desire) but also so that I can come back and do some of the things myself.

~ Bottle Cap Letters/Name I am going to be furthering this idea and using it for different words, and even a letter fishing game (an idea I got from the comment section of this post)

~ Lapbooking I think I talked about this before, and I am a BIG fan, though I haven't really done that many yet... the same mom (from above) has a site of lapbooking - she makes it super easy you just go there and print out the resources you need. I saw one for Veggie Tales that I think Treyton would just love!

~ Learning Measurements this looks like something Treyton would LOVE to do, so I'm going to get right on it if, I wiill try to upload some pictures.

~ Free Christian Preschool Printables haven't looked at this site much but anytime I see free printables I'm all over that!

~ List of Tools for Tots after looking a little more I found this already comiled list of cute ideas for tools for tots (hence the name)

~ Crafty Corner at Totally Tots - Super cute craft ideas here!

Well, I think that should keep us all busy for a while!!
Have fun!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun Milestones

Today Treyton wrote his name ENTIRELY on his own for the first time!!!

For a while now Treyton has been able to technically write his name when I tell him the letters to write... or if I show him his name he can copy it without any help from me.
Today, I asked him to try to write his name entirely on his own, without seeing it anywhere or me telling him which letter comes next - and he did it!!!

This is such an exciting milestone so of course I took a picture of it!

We also started a new letter today, "I", we have been spending most of our time on review so we took a little break from Handwriting without tears, but we're back now and Treyton is LOVING it! I forgot how much I loved this curriculum.

What we do is after we introduce the letter ("I" this week) we do the activities and worksheet(s) associated with them - this week we talked a little bit about insects. Then we take his own writing paper (see the pad above) and he writes 3-4 lines of that letter while saying the letter over and over (he loves that part) --- then after he is finished I have him pick out what he thinks is his best letter that he wrote. Treyton has some serious perfectionist tendencies so when he is writing if he will mess up a letter he starts to cry and wants to give up, so I have found that this activity allows him to focus and find what he did right rather than what he did wrong.

Also this week another cute little milestone - Treyton drew his first house and put mom, dad, Treyton and Alexa around it - it took many tears, and lots of consolation from mom for him to realize that it was okay for one of dad's feet to be bigger than the other (it really is that way!!), and that mom's eye was a little crooked. He was a little tired when he was working on it, but on this particular day Treyton's perfectionist tendencies were FULL blown... I didn't think he would ever get through it - but he did and mom is displaying it proudly!! I personally think it is perfect!!

I plan on doing some extra "I" activities this week so if any of you have some creative ideas from learning the letter I, including some other "I" words besides Insects - I would love to hear some of your ideas!

In Him,

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sonlight Week 3 & 4

So far things are still going well with school... we got sick last week so we took it a little easier than normal.

I have been noticing more and more that even though Treyton LOVES story time, he rarely remembers what is read to him. I've noticed this not only in school but in giving him simple multi-commanded instructions.
He retains much better when he is given crafts, activities and even worksheets to do. Sadly this is a little surprising to me because I just KNEW he was a partially auditory learner.... I'm beginning to second guess my initial assessment :)

Because he still shows such an interest in reading/listening to stories, I can't imagine taking them out... so we will continue on with what we are doing, I think I'm just going to need to add a few more crafts, projects, computer games, experiments, etc. This means more prep time and work on my part, but I think it will be worth it in the end.

Treyton is really starting to show some progress in the "seasons" review - he can tell me without any struggle "spring, fall and summer" are seasons, but he still has a hard time with winter.

In the last week he has taken HUGE steps in writing - especially his name, he absolutely loves writing, so I'm actually using unstructured writing of words/letters to teach/review his letters, and this is working MUCH better than any other methods.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Starting Week 2 of Sonlight

Okay, so yeah, I took last week off (again) Treyton started swimming lessons (everday) and I had a fairly rocky week, health wise (information for a different post... one which I will hopefully do on humble reflections)
Anyhow, we're starting week 2 of Sonlight... still loving it.

Everyday before we "start" learning new things, we review. Right now things on our review "list" are:

~ memory verses
(which include, "In you anger do not sin" Eph 4:26, "Do everything without complaining or arguing" Phil 2:14, "Trust in the Lord" Proverbs 3:5, The Fruit of the Spirit Gal 5:22, and "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13)

~ Letters I still haven't found a great way to do this with Treyton, mostly because of his speech. He is much more likely to recognize a letter if I say "find _", if I have him show and tell me which letters he knows it doesn't go much further than T, X, O.... because those are the ones he says well. At the same time, Treyton hates to think hard for any length of time so if he doesn't find the letter right away he often starts asking "is it at the top, bottom or middle" (of the chart)... it usually doesn't end well... so long story short, I'm thinking about taking this part out of our morning, mostly because it's frustrating to us. At the same time, I would like a fun way to review before I let it completely go.

~ States We review on the US map where Wisconsin, Virginia, Louisiana and Florida are - those are the states where either, we or family live or we have visited recently. It amazes me how well Treyton does with a map!

~ Season This is fairly new, so right now I'm just asking "Can you name one of the seasons?" He isn't great at this yet. Though he is good at describing seasons (it's their names he struggles with) sometimes he says things like "snow, cold" and I'll say "That's good, do you know what season is cold and has snow?".... Last week he kept saying "rain" and I would say "yes, Spring has rain" so this week he said to me "Spring.... not rain.... spring" - Right now we're just going through and repeating the four seasons together and I'm having him point to our season chart.

~ Numbers This is really the only thing we are doing with numbers right now and it's working!! Today on a computer game I found out that he recognizes his letters up to 8 (though 6-8 I'm not sure if he knew or was lucky). Going through and just counting he is up to 11 (which is also further than I thought he could do)

As far as Sonlight itself goes, we read our stories today, Treyton wasn't overly interested in any particular topic so.... we did a few worksheets and right now, Treyton is working on a perler beads, fun fusion craft. (the beads you arrange and then iron to melt together) We picked up a couple from Michael's last week and he has really taken to it. I was not very surprised. He loves any crafts, but I'm particularly happy with this one because he has to slow down, be patient and it is certainly fine tuning his motor skills (it takes a steady hand and some concentration) plus when he does it he's either making his own or following a pattern. We made a dog (and attached a magnet) on saturday and now he is working on a star which he is desiging himself - how cool is that!!