Monday, July 27, 2009

Sonlight Week 3 & 4

So far things are still going well with school... we got sick last week so we took it a little easier than normal.

I have been noticing more and more that even though Treyton LOVES story time, he rarely remembers what is read to him. I've noticed this not only in school but in giving him simple multi-commanded instructions.
He retains much better when he is given crafts, activities and even worksheets to do. Sadly this is a little surprising to me because I just KNEW he was a partially auditory learner.... I'm beginning to second guess my initial assessment :)

Because he still shows such an interest in reading/listening to stories, I can't imagine taking them out... so we will continue on with what we are doing, I think I'm just going to need to add a few more crafts, projects, computer games, experiments, etc. This means more prep time and work on my part, but I think it will be worth it in the end.

Treyton is really starting to show some progress in the "seasons" review - he can tell me without any struggle "spring, fall and summer" are seasons, but he still has a hard time with winter.

In the last week he has taken HUGE steps in writing - especially his name, he absolutely loves writing, so I'm actually using unstructured writing of words/letters to teach/review his letters, and this is working MUCH better than any other methods.


Jessica-MomForHim said...

During your story time, do you stop and ask him questions throughout the book? This could help him retain more. Ask questions every so often, like "what did he just say?", "what do you think will happen?", or "so what did he mean by that?". Then after the book is done, have him tell you what it was about, or even "read" it back to you, telling you the story with the pictures. It probably won't work immediately, but if you keep doing this, it should build his retention skills. I hope this helps!

Amber said...

Jessica, thanks for your comment (2 months ago!!) I just realized, for some reason I wasn't receiving any e-mail confirmations for comments... AUGH!! Thanks for the pointer, yes, I did do that, the problem was not the shorter stories with the pictures (he got those ones) and could fairly easily repeat them back to me, and would even ask me questions about it. It was the "longer" stories (like 3 full pages with minimum pictures) we struggled with. Thanks for the pointers. You have so many great ideas!