Friday, July 31, 2009

Too Many Cute Ideas

I had a little time this morning so I have been looking at some cute preschool mom blogs and WOW!! How amazing that we have the technology this day and age that the resources are absolutely ENDLESS.

I wanted to attach some of my favorites here, primarily for you to see and use (if you so desire) but also so that I can come back and do some of the things myself.

~ Bottle Cap Letters/Name I am going to be furthering this idea and using it for different words, and even a letter fishing game (an idea I got from the comment section of this post)

~ Lapbooking I think I talked about this before, and I am a BIG fan, though I haven't really done that many yet... the same mom (from above) has a site of lapbooking - she makes it super easy you just go there and print out the resources you need. I saw one for Veggie Tales that I think Treyton would just love!

~ Learning Measurements this looks like something Treyton would LOVE to do, so I'm going to get right on it if, I wiill try to upload some pictures.

~ Free Christian Preschool Printables haven't looked at this site much but anytime I see free printables I'm all over that!

~ List of Tools for Tots after looking a little more I found this already comiled list of cute ideas for tools for tots (hence the name)

~ Crafty Corner at Totally Tots - Super cute craft ideas here!

Well, I think that should keep us all busy for a while!!
Have fun!

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DramaMama said...

Thanks for the posts. I've been looking for some fresh material for this year. I love the lapbooks idea!!
I plan to recycle the letter of the week curriculum from last year, upping it a knotch for S and introducing it to M. We'll see how it goes. It's been slow so far. We tried to do some things, mostly workbooks and some sight reading, last month. Nothing consistent. We'll probably officially start in a couple weeks.
Thanks again! Hope you are feeling well. Miss ya!