Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun Milestones

Today Treyton wrote his name ENTIRELY on his own for the first time!!!

For a while now Treyton has been able to technically write his name when I tell him the letters to write... or if I show him his name he can copy it without any help from me.
Today, I asked him to try to write his name entirely on his own, without seeing it anywhere or me telling him which letter comes next - and he did it!!!

This is such an exciting milestone so of course I took a picture of it!

We also started a new letter today, "I", we have been spending most of our time on review so we took a little break from Handwriting without tears, but we're back now and Treyton is LOVING it! I forgot how much I loved this curriculum.

What we do is after we introduce the letter ("I" this week) we do the activities and worksheet(s) associated with them - this week we talked a little bit about insects. Then we take his own writing paper (see the pad above) and he writes 3-4 lines of that letter while saying the letter over and over (he loves that part) --- then after he is finished I have him pick out what he thinks is his best letter that he wrote. Treyton has some serious perfectionist tendencies so when he is writing if he will mess up a letter he starts to cry and wants to give up, so I have found that this activity allows him to focus and find what he did right rather than what he did wrong.

Also this week another cute little milestone - Treyton drew his first house and put mom, dad, Treyton and Alexa around it - it took many tears, and lots of consolation from mom for him to realize that it was okay for one of dad's feet to be bigger than the other (it really is that way!!), and that mom's eye was a little crooked. He was a little tired when he was working on it, but on this particular day Treyton's perfectionist tendencies were FULL blown... I didn't think he would ever get through it - but he did and mom is displaying it proudly!! I personally think it is perfect!!

I plan on doing some extra "I" activities this week so if any of you have some creative ideas from learning the letter I, including some other "I" words besides Insects - I would love to hear some of your ideas!

In Him,

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Jessica-MomForHim said...

When we did "I" we did igloo for short i and ice cream for long i. If you want pics of the crafts we did, just email me and I will send them. :-) He did a great job on his name!