Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Activity Box

I promised a while back that I would write a post on the activity box that I put together a year or so ago, that we use for school. It's taken a little while, but it's finally here.

Here is the actual activity box. Most of the stuff is stuff that I made or put together, but some of the items were purchased pre-school items that I store in here.

Alphabet Games: These were actually from the sonlight curriculum that we bought (and then returned), but we kept the alphabet bingo and alphabet go-fish. We haven't actually played them yet, I wanted to introduce a few more of the letters to Treyton.

Puzzle Pieces: these my mom actually got for Treyton for his 3rd Birthday (I think they're from Wal-Mart), they're puzzle pieces for letters or numbers. Numbers 1-20, and alphabet A-Z. Treyton loves these.

Lady Bug Game: I posted about these here. These were extremely effective.

Shapes: These are shape sticks, we play review games with these. Treyton actually made these as part of his school one day, but we store them and use them quite regularly for review.

Puzzles: these are also from my mom for Treyton's 3rd birthday (again from Wal-Mart). They are number and shape puzzles, as well as a wipe-off activity book.

Color Matching File-Folder Game: I had planned on making more file folder games but never really got around to it. This one is a little beneath Treyton now but I'm sure Lexie will enjoy it too when the time comes :~)

Tracing: I made some card stock tracing pages and then also added tracing paper and a clipboard so that Treyton could practice tracing his name, shapes and numbers.

(This is a picture of the actual bag and activity together, as well as the instructional sheet. This is how I store the activities in the box.)

Pattern Matching: I put together some patterns with beads on pipe cleaners, as well as some other lose beads. Treyton matches the patterns.

Lacing Shapes: I made these out of cardboard and shoe laces

Counting Cards: 1-10, I have the numeral on the front of the card and then the actual number of stickers on the back side of the card, I also have a large handful of pennies in the bag so that Treyton can count out the number of pennies for each card, then he turns the card over and can match them up to see if he's right.

Number Flash Cards: 1-10, I believe we got these from the dollar tree.

Sorting Colors and Counting Beads: I super glued a bead on the bottom of one of these craft boxes and included a bunch of beads that he can sort, and then count them out.

This I recently found on another homeschooling blog (the name slips my mind now, sorry) I took caps and put all the letters on the lids so that we can play a letter fishing game, then I also made Treyton his own name tag so that he can match the letters, learning how to spell his name. Once Treyton starts learning to read/write words, I plan on making a larger set, but for right now it's primarily for a fishing letter game.

Color Matching: these are foam pieces that I cut in half (as puzzle pieces), again these are a little beneath Treyton now, but they helped alot in the beginning.

Animal Memory Game: I made these one day after Treyton and I read the Noah's Ark story.


Tami Jo said... are extremely talented! I hope you know that.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I have a similar preschool box, but I need a toddler box. Do you have something you have put together for Lexie? F is into EVERYTHING in the school cupboard, so I really need to get her a box of her own, but I need some fresh ideas...

Shannon said...

Good to know that someone else is saving caps! I save the flat ones off of the milk jugs and I save the frozen juice lids... amongst other things. Love that ladybug counting game. I've seen a game with footprints that are various colors with numbers on them for a stepping floor game that I think would be great out of foam sheets for durability. All yours are great ideas! Thanks for sharing.