Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big Changes.... again

Wow, have there some changes in the "schooling" realm at our house!!

This week, after alot of thought and deliberation, Tim and I decided that we are going to be returning the sonlight curriculum.
We made the decision based on a lot of factors, but some of the major ones were:
~ Finances - it's a fairly expensive program for preschool, cost doesn't bother me when it's worth it's value, but to be completely honest, writing my own curriculum is as effective (if not more) and MUCH cheaper - I figure we should save money where we can!!
~ Treyton's memory capacity - remembering 4 different stories read in a matter of 15-20 minutes is NOT something Treyton is mentally capable of doing at this time. He loves to read and he loves stories, but you usually have to do something in addition to the story to really "drive the point home". I tried for a while incorporating crafts and other things into the sonlight curriculum but it was actually pretty tough when you had 4 good stories on 4 different topics....

I stand by the fact that I ABSOLUTELY love sonlight... and even more so now that I have dealt with them for returning our core curriculum (SOOO easy and nice to work with). I am positive sonlight will be up near the top on our selection for a Kindergarten/1st Grade curriculum choice, but for now, we are planning on going back to the letter-a-week style program with crafts, stories, themes and music. It is so effective for Treyton, and it's alot of fun for me to plan!
I plan on supplementing much more worksheets and workbooks this year because Treyton loves them, and they are obviously "easy" to do.

In addition, I have recently stumbled on to a SLEW of incredible homeschooling blogs where I am just soaking up all of there awesome ideas, free printables and encouragement. I linked to several of them before, here, but I plan on adding their buttons to my sidebar in the near future for easier access.

I have been busy getting last minute things together for the school year to officially start next week, but we have also been working even this week on some fun "lose end" school topics. I will start working on a post of some of the fun things we did this week.

If you recall I had actually wanted to start a 9 week on 3 week off schedule back in July, which we kind of did, but once I hit 6 weeks for baby #3, and fighting off all-day morning sickness, we took a mandatory step back from school and began to focus on - SURVIVAL. I'm starting to feel better so.... back into the motions! Isn't that the beauty of home schooling? We are able to do school if/when we can, and regardless of the time put in God redeems our diligence and it all seems to somehow work out.

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