Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun School Day

Today we had a great day at school. Last night we spent a few hours "rearranging" our school area. Up until now we have had a school room in the third bedroom, but now with the baby coming (in March) and school starting up again we thought we would go ahead and make the transition with plenty of time to adjust. (okay, so yeah, I'm an early planner and now that I'm not feeling sick I needed something to keep busy)
I plan on attaching some picture of our new set-up soon, but want to finish getting it organized. We will be doing most of our school at the dining room table, which works out nice with Alexa because I have the choice of either strapping her into her chair with a snack and/or entertainment or if she allows, she can just hang out by her self without the temptation of grabbing all of Treyton's stuff off of the "kid's table".
So without the pictures, I'll just have to tell you that I am really excited about the new set up and I think it's going to work well.

So... onto today.

After not being able to choose myself, I finally had to leave the choice up to Treyton which lapbook he wanted to do (one on feelings, or one on Veggie Tales) He chose Veggie Tales, which worked out perfectly because it actually focused on shapes & colors which was perfect for reemphasizing what we learned yesterday.
We had a blast!! Treyton was so excited to put the folder together and I was even more excited that he liked to work on the activities (so cool). You could print out the form in color but the day I printed this we were out of color ink (and then our printer died), but it was fine, Treyton colored the pieces himself which worked out great as I was cutting out the pieces.

One of my favorite activities of the lapbook was putting his name together. I am still amazed at how quickly Treyton learned his name and how well he does with writing, spelling and putting it together.
(To Print your own Veggie Tales Lapbook and see the "instructions" go here) I can tell you, being our first official "tot-book" that we made a few mistakes, I printed on regular paper (cardstock would be better) and I used a whole file folder instead of cutting it in half (like they recommended). I will make the improvements on the next one, but still, I'm satisfied with how it turned out.
Believe it or not, I forgot to take pictures of the finished project... I'll try to do it tomorrow. (getting a little tired now). It turned out so nice. We added it to our activity workbox, which Treyton is really into this year.

Here is Treyton sorting noodles (from the activity box). I can't wait to share more about the activity box and what some of the individual activities are.

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