Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Letter B: The Little Book of Bb

This week we are working on the letter Bb. Treyton is having a harder time remembering the name of "Bb" but not the sound (though it sometimes comes out /p/ instead of /b/, he's doing a great job with the sound, but not so great with the name.
This morning I asked him (in actually more of a "thinking out loud" kind of way) "Treyton what can I do to help you remember the letter "Bb"? And he said "we could make a book maybe". Which really got me thinking, literally sunday night I ran across a blog with instructions on how to make a little book out of one piece of scrap paper (you can find it here). So I started re-looking where I might have seen it, and found it easily. I then set about making the book. Once I got it put together (which took less than 5 minutes, I might add) Treyton filled it with stickers starting with the letter "Bb", I then went back and wrote the names of each picture.

I had meant to make the outside the stripes and the inside the blue but obviously did it backwards :)

The other mistake I made was that I used the capital B for the first half of the book, because our primary focus is on lower case I wish I would have just done lower (I'll remember for next time)

We had one page left so I used my "artistic talent" to draw balloons... no judging, Treyton liked them! :)

Overall, I'm loving this idea, and it's neat because it was actually Treyton's idea. It hasn't helped him remember Bb yet, but I know that will come in time, if we have to spend two weeks on some letters, I'm okay with that :) We're having a blast doing what we're doing so I just have to remember to leave it at that! The learning part will come if I spend my time having fun and taking every teaching opportunity as it comes.

There will be more Bb stuff later, but I just wanted to get this out here because I knew there were too many pictures to include in my weekly post.

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Jessica-MomForHim said...

Don't stress about him not remembering the name of "B". It's better for reading if he knows the sound anyway. Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons actually recommends NOT teaching them the letter names (though I had already done that by the time I found the book, and it still works fine). But I understand his point, and am now stressing letter SOUNDS more than letter names with M. As long as she knows what sound it makes, she will be able to sound out words. Knowing the letter names doesn't help with reading.