Sunday, September 27, 2009

Letter Bb

For those of you keeping track, no, we didn't take a week off of school, we actually spent two weeks on the letter B, so I wanted to wait to do the post on it.

Get Ready for the Code & Letter Activities
We used both Get Ready for the Code and Handwriting without Tears this week. I am still extremely satisfied with Get Ready for the Code, both the way they introduce a new letter as well as the review of the previous letter(s). Handwriting without Tears we actually used at the very end of the two weeks, to just brush upon writing the capital B.
Treyton was struggling with remembering the name of the letter B, but seems to have gotten in (thanks to the last craft we did), and is also doing well with the sound /B/.

Letter Book Page
We also did our B letter book page which we printed off from Homeschool Creations. Treyton is doing great with cutting and gluing entirely on his own now.

Here's the finished project (sorry I couldn't rotate it for some reason)

Fun Activities & Crafts
Blowing Bubble Craft
One of our first crafts that we did was a blowing bubble craft - I found the idea at Delightful Learning but didn't have the time to look up the recipe so I just threw in a little clear dish soap, water and food coloring, it worked (but I have no recipe for you, sorry). I then gave Treyton a straw and let him blow away. He was so excited about it, and luckily he only sucked in two times :~)

Bug Hunting & Catching
I think Treyton's favorite activity was "bug hunting" we caught ourselves a grasshopper - but it wasn't easy!! I wish I could have taped us out there: me, Treyton and Lexie running around in the middle of the road chasing grasshoppers. It was TONS easier when I was a kid growing up in Oklahoma! I don't remember them flying!!
And no worries, we let the grasshopper go (fully alive and well) two days later.
(The grasshopper is up against the screen on the upper left-ish side)

Bird Hand Craft
I can't remember where I found this craft but it was a part of my original curriculum. In order to show Treyton how to do the craft, I traced Lexie's hands too, Treyton thought it was cool there was a bird for him and for Lexie.
1. Cut out an oval from construction paper
2. Trace your child's hands onto orange construction paper, also cut a small triangle out of the scraps for the bird's beak.
3. Draw some eyes onto the bird, have your child glue on a beak
4. Attach the hands (wings) to the back of the oval (bird)

Filled the Bird Feeder
We filled the bird feeder and tried to wait and watch for birds to come... that didn't go that well, we didn't actually wait very well :~)

B is for Bee Craft
I actually got this craft last minute from Homeschool Creations and I knew it would be a great idea to help Treyton learn the name of the letter B.

Below is a picture of all of our supplies.

The Letter B Mini-Book
I posted last week about how we put together a Mini-Letter B book. I am considering doing this again for some other letters in the future (we'll see)

Physical Activities
Played Baseball
Blew Bubbles
Went for a Bike Ride

Extra Activities
After seeing several moms recommend the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD (You can find it in the carousel below), I got it off of Amazon and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! Treyton has asked to watch it every day for 3 weeks now and he's learning from it too! His favorite one is the letter K, which kicks and makes the sound /k/. Treyton saw a K this week and said "That says /k/" and just by chance K is our letter for next week!! Half my job is already done!!

We used Kumon 1-30 workbook, this week we started writing numbers 1 and 2, Treyton is trying hard to write his numbers and he's okay at it but he isn't really retaining them, which I think is fine for now I don't think its important at this point.

We also reviewed shapes with our new flashcards (I love my munchkin flash cards $4.95 at toys r' us)

We read about Joshua and the Battle of Jericho and played the trust game. It was actually pretty funny, I thought that Treyton would do better trusting Tim and I. We learned about how important it was to trust God (and our parents) because we don't always know what's going on.

Books & Resources We Used


Raising a Happy Child said...

This is a nice week. I really liked your bird craft, it looks so neat with hand outlines for hands.

Virginia Lee said...

Wow, he is really good at cutting and pasting. My son would have glue everything over the letter Bb.

Sounds like the grasshopper hunt was pretty fun too.

Jolanthe said...

Great cutting!! And all of your B crafts turned out great!! :)

Those Leapfrog dvds - told you they ROCKED!!! hee hee I'm not as crazy {personally} about the newest one, but the kids love it!