Monday, October 5, 2009

Letter Mm

Get Ready for the Code & Letter Activities
This week started out with a little review. Treyton did great with the /b/ and /f/ sounds as well as remembering names of B and F, he wrote b (and B) well, but he struggled a little bit with f, so we took a little extra time writing the letter f.
I'm taking Jessica's advice and I think from this point on I am going to introduce and certainly work on the letter's names but I am not going to be pushing them or making him learn the names of the letters... at this point I am much more happy with him learning the sound the letter makes and I think in the long run this is the best for him to learn to read. I think the reason I held back to do this is because I think he will be judged on "knowing" his letters if he can see the letter and say what it is, not if he knows the sound... but what do I care? Right? I mean, I know what he knows and I'm his teacher and that's all that matters. (okay, glad I got that off my chest :~))

Treyton swung easily into learning our new letter for the week, Mm. He likes saying "mmmmm" so I think he'll pick up on the sound quickly. He also liked tracing the letter m in the sand (he liked the double loop).

I forgot to do the letter page for our letter book, so I plan on doing that as part of Mm review next week.
Watching Treyton learn how to write his Mm's this week was - AWeSoME! He started out with these funny looking letters but as we walked through it, and he learned, they transformed into really great letters. I think m's are his best letters so far (as far as neatness goes).
(I don't know if you can see them in the picture or not, but this is a great page showing Treyton's progress learning to write the letter Mm... the big M in the middle, and all the red ones, I wrote to illustrate)

Get Ready for the Code has incredible review pages and they have stretched him just as far as he can go, which I like. I wouldn't expect any more of him, but I can tell they really cause him to think and practice what he has learned. One of the pages has Treyton name two pictures (like "fishing" and "foot") then he has to figure out what letter those pictures start with and write the letter, because Treyton has struggled with remembering the names of the letters I allow him to get up and point to the letter chart he thinks is right. This is working well for us, plus when he points I always say the name of the letter, which he repeats. He is VERY good at this, and 90% of the time he knows the right answer.

Vocabulary Words
The past weeks I haven't done anything special with the vocbulary words, but this week I made a little sheet with them listed and then drew (in great artistic talent) little pictures beside them. I thought it would be good for Treyton to see the words even if he couldn't read them and how they actually started with the m. Several times through out the week he did go up to the list point to them and "read" them off.

* I'm contemplating in the future doing a separate post for our Bible Stories... what do you guys think? (please leave a comment and let me know)

Our Bible story this week is about Joseph and his brothers and the coat of many colors. Our emphasis was on kindness and rudeness. I started using "Instant Bible Lessons for Preschoolers" (which I won't continue using) and there was a worksheet in there with different pictures of kids, we went through and marked which were kind and which were rude. Treyton also drew a picture of something kind he did this week (he drew a picture of him sharing with Lexie... super cute drawing), and we made a paper bag puppet illustrating our mouth can be used for kind words or rude words.

Bible Verse
We tied our Bible verse with our Bible story this week instead of the letter we were working on and we got it from Psalm 34:13 "Keep your tongue from evil."
I made a cute little key ring flash card system for Treyton for our verses, he really likes to pull it out to practice his memory verses. (I have a picture but can't seem to find the USB I saved it on... I'll try to remember to post it later)

Fun Activities & Crafts
* We didn't do as many letter associated crafts and activities this week because we actually spent a little more time doing Bible and Math this week.

All About Me Book
I printed this book off at Rockin C which I found off of abc and 123
I really enjoyed filling this book out with Treyton and then going back and reading it with him. Some of his answers were absolutely adorable and I tried to write exactly what he said (it's his book, right?)

One of the pages was called "Things I Don't Like" and this is what he said:
"Monsters, cause I'm a superhero, I save people, Jesus is a good superhero because I'm a pretending one, I don't know how to save people, but Jesus knows how."
"I don't like going really fast on a ride because I might get sick"

One page in the book there was a spot for a picture of the family. Instead of putting a picture in, I decided to have Treyton draw it (seeings as how this is one of his new skills) as he was drawing I "overheard" some really cute things he had to say, these were some of his comments:
"I want to be by dad, cause he wrestles with me all the time."
"The boys down here and the girls up here."
"Little head for me, cause I'm just a little boy."
"The baby in mommy's belly has little baby legs, little eyes, little baby mouth." (yes, he literally drew another little stick figure inside of mom's bellly (how awesome!)

(Treyton's Self Portrait Page - he was not satisfied with the result... he said he thinks he looks like a monster... I'll be honest... he did have ReALLY big eyes)

Monkey LapBook
I actually took two separate lapbooks and combined them into one for Treyton this week. We read several "monkeys jumping on the bed" books and Treyton (and Alexa) really enjoy these!

The lapbook went perfectly with the stories and the letter Mm.
I used resources from both Carisa and Homeschool Share

Movie Night
Friday night Treyton and I had ourselves a little date night (just the two of us) we went to our favorite restaurant (Hibachi/Japanese, of course) and had a great time, the second part of our date was a family movie night.
(I don't know if you can see Lexie well in this picture or not, but if you look at her, she is literally CRAMMING her mouth full of Popcorn... and the movie just started!)

We watched our new Hermie movie "Skeeter and the Mystery of the lost Mosquito Treasure" (it just happened to be an Mm movie, which of course I pointed out for Treyton). The "moral" aspect of the story was that we are all unique... which tied in great with our "Me" theme this week as well. (Isn't God great, how these little coincidences seem to work themselves in?)

Moon Sand
Yes, I said moon sand, and No, I did not buy moon sand for my son.... it was a gift (thanks alot mom & nana!) But I can not lie, as messy as moon sand is, it's even more fun.

Treyton has a blast with this stuff and he has had to show me (more than once) the right way to do it. I didn't not realize once you molded an animal/tree/object that you could literally stand it up. I also didn't realize the container the sand comes in is also the place where you play with the moon sand (to minimize the mess... if that's possible!)

For Math this week we mostly did activities from our activity box. We primarily worked on pattern matching and shapes.

Books We Used This Week


michelle said...

What a wonderful week! I love Treyton's narrations for his All About Me book ~ so sweet! Lots of great "m" ideas too! I think you are doing well to not expect him to know the letter names - the sounds are more important, according to Ruth Beechick. So great job!

I'm not sure about keeping Bible stories separate. I liked what you wrote and the format of your post ~ but you do as you feel led. *Ü*

Tami Jo said...

I want to come to your school. It looks like a BLAST!! Awesome that you two had a date...LOVE IT! Lexie; all I can say is...THAT'S MY GIRL!

Amber said...

To: Aunt Tami
From: Treyton

"Sure, come to my school, yeah.
I am good all the time, and I listen to mom. We color and numbers, H, and Z all kinds of stuff, I write and learn, that's what we do.
What day are you coming over, or what?
I love you, Tami, Tami, Tami."

(transcribed by mom, as quoted by Treyton)

Jolanthe said...

Wow, girl!! Busy week for you all. Love that lapbook and all the activities you tied into the letter M!

If you are thinking about doing a separate Bible post, you could always link up with Carisa's 'Raising Rock Stars'. :)


Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Very busy week! I loved the All About Me book - maybe we will attempt it for Anna's third birthday. Treyton's sayings are really cute too.

Deborah said...

We are going to start Mm in Go for the Code on Monday.

Virginia Lee said...

Can he read the bible verses on the ring? I am currently trying to find a way to do something like this. We do a Bible verse every other week (so two a month) and review them. But I'd like to have something Caleb can pull out whenever he wants. Any suggestions?

Amber said...

No, he can't read the bible verses but I was thinking in time he may learn the colors... or even putting pictures or A word on the backside of the card that he would recognize that may help his memory/recognition of the verse.
(Treyton has pulled this out when we do his verses)
We've been at a little stand still with verses, I think I want to teach him the Lord's Prayer but I keep putting it off.... maybe next week I'll make this a priority.