Thursday, September 3, 2009

Starting Up... Slowly

I had all intentions of starting school up strong this week, but started the week out slowly as Monday wasn't the best day for me.

Tuesday we ended up meeting up with a friend (kind of last minute) at the Zoo. Instead of feeling like I was "losing" another school day, I decided to take the opportunity to make a scavenger hunt sheet for Treyton and his friends. Not only was there the normal "circle the animal you see" there was also a spot for them to write how many of each animal they saw (as Treyton is learning to write his numbers, I thought this would be great "real world" experience).
Treyton really enjoyed doing the hunt, and showed his dad first thing when he got home from work that night.

Wednesday... not a good day, I was on the couch all day.

Thursday (today) went great. I decided to work on shapes. So we painted shapes on paper (Lexie even got into it) and then we read our Mat Man book from Handwriting without Tears (Treyton LOVES this book). We then drew mat man, with a rectangle belly and a oval belly.
Lastly we cut out a square, rectangle, oval, circle and triangle and glued them to craft sticks.

Next we did a few shape worksheets from his (dollar treet) Bob the Builder work book, and of course some letter review to end our short hour together.

Tomorrow, I haven't decided quiet yet what we're going to do, I am torn between working on a feelings tot-book we downloaded from 1+1+1=1 or a veggie tales/shapes lapbook we downloaded from Carisa as well

I also wanted to make sure we took the time to write some tomorrow. Treyton wrote both his and Alexa's name for the first time the other day. I am finding that Treyton learns his letters best by writing words. He was really struggling learning his letters until he learned to write his name and then... bam!! He got 5 letters!! So I decided to go with Alexa next because he has already "learned" all of those letters but has yet to retain them. I figure it can't hurt... right!!
It seems a little backwards to me, but then again, we've never been a typical student/teacher either :)

(Side note: Lexie didn't enjoy the painting as much as I thought, the first time she got a big moutful of paint she was done... come to find our nontoxic paint, not as flavorful as she hoped! In the end it all worked out... she loves bathtime!)

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