Friday, September 11, 2009

Week 1: Letter Ff

We literally just finished up school 30 minutes ago, but I could hardly wait to get on here and share with all of you what we're doing for school!

We decided to use "Get Ready for the Code" for our primary curriculum and then supplement other activities to expand from there. Get Ready for the Code is a letter and phonics curriculum that teaches primarily lower case letters but includes upper case recognition. Up until this point we have been learning only upper case letters (because they were easy for Treyton to write) but after a little more reading I've found that it's actually more accurate to teach lower case letters first (or at the same time) as the upper case letters, by doing so you are preparing for earlier reading and letter recognition.

Anyhow, each letter is given 12-14 pages of activities to do, some of which blew me away! I am LOVING it! (for all of you continual readers out there, I'm still loving and using HWTs, but because it only has 1-2 pages for each letter, it works great as a supplement for the capital letters)

So... on to the activities we did this week:

Memory Verse
"Fear not for I am with you" Isaiah 43:5

Get Ready for the Code & Letter Activities
We started every day with doing some activities out of the Get Ready for the Code book.
From there we decided to write the letter "f" in a tray of sand. This was an INCREDIBLE way for Treyton to start tracing the letter. With Treyton being as hands-on of a learner that he is, I've had several friends recommend this type of thing for him, and I'm so glad we did it. I had planned to only doing it once this week, but ended up doing it every day because Treyton would ask for it.

We made the "Ff" letter page book from Homeschool Creations. This was great scissor practice for Treyton as well as pronunciation. Just by chance /f/ is one of the sounds that Treyton really struggles saying, so we took this week as an opportunity to slow down our f words so that Treyton would purposely say the sound. He is doing great! Tim mentioned on Wednesday how he even noticed Treyton saying his /f/ sound better.

Fun Activities & Crafts

Stuffed tissue paper fish

I cut two fish shapes out of construction paper and had Treyton glue on tissue paper and foil, I then trimmed the edges, we stapled the fish together, leaving a little slit to stuff in more tissue paper, we then finished closing it up and attached a string by which to hang it.

Painted Footprints
This was something the entire family got into. We each painted the bottom of our feet and then pressed it onto a piece of paper. Treyton has fun identifying who's foot is whose. (Side Note: Lexie did not particularly like this craft :~))

Finger Print Bugs
We stamped our fingerprints on to a piece of paper and then made fun bugs out of them. We made a caterpillar, spider, ant and butterfly.

Frog Tot-Book
You can find this tot book here. We are really enjoying the tot books as they help Treyton experience his creative side as well as giving him activities to learn shapes, numbers, letters, etc. (Seriously, if you haven't already, I highly recommend looking into the tot books)

(This is Treyton doing some of the activities in the tot-book, side note: that is not a glass a wine in the background, it is actually a glass of Kombucha :~)

Finger Print "F"
I took a picture of an Ff and had Treyton stamp his fingerprints all over it. I tried to have him stamp randomly, but my perfectionist son just could not, he had to do it in the shape of an Ff :)

Books we used this week


whisperingwhispers said...

Great ideas! Thank you for sharing.

Virginia Lee said...

We also use the "Code" series. Isn't it wonderful!

Looks like you all had some great letter F fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amber for the post..I love seeing the ideas that you have for letters.. Thanks

Susana said...

We use the Code series too and love it!

I really like your rainbow fish and footprints too!!

Can't wait to see what you do next week:-).

Raising a Happy Child said...

I keep hearing good things about Explode the Code. I like the idea of sand/salt letters, but my daughter is really an academic learner that learns by seeing/listening a lot easier than by doing. Still I want to add more tactile experiences for her. Thanks for sharing!

Mommer said...

I have to admit I don't come here often, but each time I do you & Treyton amaze me. Keep up the great work you two!! I loved seeing Alexa involved too.

Mrs Adept said...

We just started using 'Get ready for the code' today. It looks wonderful. I loved all the stuff you did.