Friday, October 2, 2009

Children's Books Recommendations

I am in the process of putting a list of books together for my sister to use for her daughter. Books that will help her introduce and explain God/Jesus and His character as well as some other concepts about Christianity, faith, heaven, etc, to her 3 1/2 year old. We have been lucky enough to be given a lot of great books over the last few years (for birthdays and Christmases) for our kids, but I also took a trip to the Christian bookstore to take a look at some of the books they had. Here are some of the recommendations that I have come up with so far.

This one Treyton got for his birthday this year and it came at the perfect time for us. It talks about how God lives in your heart but is also big enough to hold the universe. It explains God in child size words (which was good for both Treyton and I)

This one I only glanced at for a few minutes at the book store but it wasn't too wordy and had a great message

This one is another one i only glanced at for a few minutes, but it looked pretty good, a little bit more wordy, so maybe not the best selection for easy "night-time" reading, but rather for a story time/ lesson time, during the day.

This book I got last may and we LOVE it. It is a simple and powerful explanation of the trinity for kids (and again, explained things in a way even I could understand it) for more information, I blogged about it on my other blog here.

This book is technically Alexa's but I read it to both the kids on a regular basis.
Popular children's book, it was recommended to us by EVERYONE (it seems) and is about the true gift your child is to you (as parents). There is also God gave us two which I got for Treyton when I was pregnant with Lexie (he really enjoyed it and I believe it was part of the reason he was so prepared for her arrival)

Alexa got this for her birthday and it has also been a treasure to us. We have seen (but do not own) several kids books on heaven and I would say this rates near the top... but if this is a topic you're looking into I know there are LOTS of great options out there.

Personally, my favorite children's Bible. We got it after Pastor Mark Driscoll recommended it in one of his sermons, but since then it has been recommended by several of my mom-blogs that I read. We love it. The stories are a little bit more lengthy but at the end of each story there is a connection drawn to Jesus. It gives a great big-picture overview of the Bible that I think ALL of us could benefit from.

This is a more simple children's Bible, but we love it. At the beginning of each story is a small real-life current day story (related to kids) and then the Bible story, this has helped Treyton learn to relate the Bible story to his own life. Then after each story there are 2 simple questions (which I think is great to judge if your child retained or even remembers what you just read) as well as a recommended activity/game/craft for each story. We have done alot of them and really enjoyed them. There is also a short little prayer at the end.

Absolutely love this book, Beth Moore actually wrote this for one of her women's Bible Studies and it eventually got turned into a children's book. As much as I love it, it is a little long (wordy) for my kids yet, but the message is undeniably powerful. I know in the future it will be a book I read to my children (more often). As a parent, you will need to take the opportunity to correlate the message of the story to God our Father and King, putting your own child in the place of the princess in the story.

Max Lucado has an entire series of children's books similar to this one and they are all GREAT! Luckily Treyton was gifted almost the entire set his first Christmas!! Like the Beth Moore one, they are a little lengthy at this point for my kids but the illustrations and messages are AWESOME (even for adult readers). I highly recommend them. Again, like the Beth Moore book, you as a parent will need to draw the correlation between the story and your child and God.

Now, I am aware that there are hundreds of great books out there, these are just the ones that I have used/read to my children and that have worked for us. However, I know that so many of you have great resources too, so if you would be willing to share a few titles for all of us (but specifically my little sister) I know she and I would really appreciate it.

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