Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Daily Binder

Very exciting changes have taken place this week in our schooling. It all started on Sunday after I spent most of the day putting together a Calendar Binder for Treyton. After I put it together, and we used it the first day it got my mind to going (always trouble).
What if I could add all of his daily activity/review items in this binder?

That's all it took and I was off on a mission. So now, instead of a Calendar Binder we have a Daily Binder which includes a section for:
Alphabet Review
Calendar Time
Weather Graphs
(I plan on adding more as we go along, but we're starting slow)

Alphabet Review We had a big letter chart up on the wall, but like I said wall space is something we struggle with, we don't have much of it and what we do have is actually in a different room. So I printed off an Alphabet Chart from www.busyteacherscafe.com and while I sat in front of a movie last night I colored it in myself with colored pencil (it was originally b&w)

This morning we went through and the letters that Treyton could identify he received a little sticker for right now he can identify 17 and make the sounds for most of them.
We also sang through the alphabet song 3 times while Treyton used a pointer to guide us through (this was probably Lexie's favorite part of the school day).

Calender Time
This is obviously a very new subject for us so we're keeping it pretty simple and basic and I am doing most of the work at this point asking Treyton questions as I go, most of which he doesn't know the answers to.
For right now we are NOT even talking about the months of the years, their names or anything really. We are starting with singing a days of the week song (that goes with the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star - one of Treyton's favorites). I made our days of the week chart to coorelate with our days of the week cards that we put in the sleeves, thinking that maybe Treyton would help Treyton correlate them in his mind.
We then fill out our calendar - Treyton doesn't know how to write very high numbers so this has been great practice for him (for this month I filled out 1-25) if he was frustrated when we got to this particular part I would not have a problem filling out the date myself. We use this opportunity as well to count up to the date which is also great math/number practice which Treyton is also learning.
Next we use our baseball sleeves to change the date as well as talking about yesterday and tomorrow and the days of the week. I have these inserted "backwards" in the binder so that we can see the calendar as we do the sleeves.

Weather Graphs
I got this idea off of Roger's Family Blog and at first I didn't think I was going to do them because we've already done alot with the weather. But once I started looking at it more and thinking it through I decided to do it primarily for the experience with graphs. This morning was the first we used them and Treyton LOVED it! (so far, so good) We printed these off at Hubbardscupboard
Maps and Geography
This is probably my favorite section because Treyton just FLOORS me with how much he knows and how quickly he learns his states.
He has been learning his states for a while now and we just introduce them when we feel ready, I also introduce a little tidbit about each state to help him "recall" which state I'm talking about. He does very well with most of the states but with California (one of the more recent ones he's learned) because we don't know anyone who lives there I said "they make movies and milk there" and that helps him alot!
The states that he knows now include:
Louisiana (where PaPa Mike lives)
Virginia (where Aunt Nana and Uncle Mitch lives)
Minnesota (where Dad's friend Nate lives)
Florida (where we went to see Mickey)
Washington (where Pastor Mark Driscoll lives)
Hawaii (where cousin Ainsley lives)
Alaska (where Mommer went on a trip)
California (where they make movies and milk)
Texas (Aunt Tami lived there once)
I also printed off a map of North America because Treyton has been very confused about the fact that Alaska is NOT next to Hawaii (like the map shows). Today we were talking about how Alaska is North and Hawaii is South. Alaska is cold and Hawaii is warm. He was very interested and asked alot of questions and really got into this part of it - I don't think it will take long until he really gets this.
(I can't actually remember where I printed them all off - except the North America one I know I got from activity village and I colored it in my self)


Catherine said...

I truly love this idea! Especially because our house is teeny tiny and I don't want to hang everything on our dining room walls. I'm definitely going to do this.

michelle said...

I think this is a very good idea. I love that it is not only an activity binder, but also a record of what he knows. Great job! *Ü*

Shannon said...

I have been thinking of doing this same thing!! Great to see that it is on someone else's mind, too.

I am using My Father's World Curriculum and it calls for using binders for the Adventures (2nd grade+) and as I have put these binders togehter I have thought how great it would be for the kids to all have their own individual pages for these things in their binders rather than my house looking like a classroom! ;) You beat me to this one (and I am glad)!!! I get to see yours in action before I do mine. Thanks for the great tips you share!

Honey said...

I absolutely love this idea. I plan to use this for my first grader. We are still working on the basics - maybe this will help. I am also pondering if this will work for my olders too?

Ticia said...

This answered my question perfectly, thanks for sending me the link. We do some of this already, but I'm sure we'll be adding in some of the ideas you've just given me.

Bran said...

I LOVE this idea!! Now my mind is going... it's never a good thing either! haha

Unknown said...

This is great! I do this with my older kids, and got my pre k one, but had no ideas what to put in it. Thanks for the inspiration!

This is my first time here, and I am loving it.