Friday, October 9, 2009

Letter Kk

Letter Learning & Review
This week we learned about the letter Kk. As far as learning the sound and name of the letter, this was the easiest letter yet because K is Treyton's favorite letter on the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD so he learned the letter from there a few weeks ago.
We continued on with Get Ready for the Code - the first day Treyton didn't want to stop so we did 6 pages!! The review still really stretches him, but I'm very proud of what he's able to do and that he is sticking with it.
We of course, completed the letter page for letter Kk, from Homeschool Creation.

For added review we did some play with play-doh and cut out the letters that we have been working with and that Treyton knows and recognizes. These letters include: Ff, Mm, Bb, Kk, Tt, Yy, Rr, Ee, Nn, Xx and Oo.

This week I also printed off the Beginning Consonant Cards at Homeschool Creations. I cut them and laminated them and had Treyton match the pictures with the letters. This is an INCREDIBLE resource, I highly recommend them. Treyton enjoyed them and they are very effective... thanks again Jolanthe!!

Bible Story
This week we tied our Bible Story with the letter of the week. We focused on David becoming king. We talked about how God looks at the heart rather than what we look like on the outside. As my primary resource I used the Humongous Book of Preschool Ideas, which I also recommend. I prefer it to the Instant Bible Stories that we were using previously.

To really get into the story we made a crown (orange of course) and appointed the smallest boy in our family "king"... just like David.
To illustrate how our hearts are more important than the outside we boiled an egg and talked about what make an egg good... the inside or outside? We then peeled the egg and ate some of the goodness on the inside.
Next we made a heart shape on a construction piece of paper and took ripped up construction paper that looked like egg shells and glued them on. So that we would remember our illustration of the egg and what it represented.

Fun Activities & Crafts
Mosaic Kite
I found a similar idea over at Delightful Learning and tweeked it a little bit for us.
First I cut out a kite shape from black construction paper. Then we glued on our cut up colorful mosaic pieces. Lastly, we glued the kite to a blue construction piece of paper and wrote on the letter Kk is for Kite.

Jumping Kangaroo
I found this craft a while ago here
It's a very simple craft to do. Treyton colored the Kangaroo, we cut it out and then added a bracket (is that what it's called?) so that the kangaroo's legs will move back and forth.
We read a Kangaroo book right before we did the craft. Tim actually did the craft with Treyton and I heard Treyton tell dad something about "red kangaroos" when Tim suggested he color the kangaroo brown. The book we read was on Red Kangaroos from Australia. So I told Treyton that he could color it red or brown to be realistic. I thought it was pretty neat that Treyton correlated their name with their color (even though they seem brownish to me)

Kangaroo Jumping
From day one when we started talking about the letter Kk and our vocabulary words, Treyton said "I wish I were a little kangaroo" of course I asked why and he replied "So that I could be in that little pouch."
All week he's brought it up so today when Tim was home during school he helped make Treyton's dream a reality (as much as we could) and held him like a little kangaroo and jumped around a bit.
Books We Used this Week


Susana said...

You can never go wrong with Play Doh:-).

I love what you did with your Bible story too.

Also like your "Kk" kite picture.

Deborah said...

Loved what you did this week. Lots, and lots.

michelle said...

I love your bible story time and your application with the egg ~ so sweet! Great job with all the activities you did for letter K! *Ü*

Jessica-MomForHim said...

That thing you were wondering the name of is called a "brad" or also a "paper fastener", I believe. Don't ask me why the name is brad...I don't know! ;-)

Cute activities! You are doing a great job!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

This is an awesome unit, and you accomplished so much in one week. Love the crown - he looks so pleased.

Virginia Lee said...

The Humongous Book of Preschool Ideas, is it mainly crafts or do they have games as well?

Amber said...

Yes, they have games, crafts, snack ideas, songs, prayers, and what they call "Bible Experiences" which isn't crafts or games but illustrations for the story.
So far, we're really loving it.