Thursday, October 22, 2009

Letter Rr & Noah's Ark


Letter Learning & Activities

This week we learned the letter Rr. This was another letter that Treyton was already acquainted with, because he already knows to write his name, but this week we focused on the lower case letter which Treyton was not used to writing or seeing. He adjusted very well. The /r/ sound is not an easy one for Treyton to say, he usually pronounces it /w/. I tried to work with him a little bit on it, but it wasn't something he was very interested in doing. I didn't want to turn him off completely to trying so I backed off on working with pronunciation.
This week finished up book a in the Get Ready for the Code Series, next week we start book b (this was VERY exciting too me, I love finishing old books and starting new ones, Treyton was only so-so about it but that's okay I'm excited enough for the two of us!)
Of course, we continued to do our letter book pages that we printed off from Homeschool Creations

We did a little bit of review and handwriting practice in our handwriting without tears book which Treyton was very excited about we worked on the big K and R. Treyton was a little confused with how similar the big K and little k were but we wrote a few extra ones next to one another in his handwriting notebook - that seemed to help him alot.

Fun Letter Activities & Crafts
Runaway Bunny Lapbook
I found the Runaway Lapbook by Jolanthe on her site and then followed it over to Homeschool Share.

Here is a picture of our finished project and Treyton playing with some of the pieces.

Rock Painting
We went outside and gathered some rocks from the side of the house, then Treyton painted them.

Rainbow Crayons
This was Treyton's favorite activity of the weeks (and dad's too).
We took some of our old crayons, removed the paper (which was the hardest part of the craft by the way) and then broke them in little pieces.

Next, we divided our colors into 6 muffin tin sections

We then preheated the oven to 275 degrees and put them in for 10 minutes. (I had to reput them in for about 3 minutes because a few of Treyton's crayon's were pretty big and hadn't melted yet)
After we took them out we let them cool and harden back up.

Soon enough we were able to take them out and color away!!

Rainbow Shape Book 
We found this idea over at Delightful Learning and I can tell you for sure we will be doing more projects like this in the future... I LOVED IT!!

Michelle actually has a video up that illustrates how to do this book and books like it --- so helpful!

Our Bible Story was Noah's Ark (to go along with the rainbow theme) after we read the Bible Story we did a Rainbow Ark Picture - we drew on a rainbow and put on stickers of animals.
We also played an animal memory card game.
We kept it pretty simple because this is a Bible Story that we've done many times before.

For Math this week we made a number chart 1-20 - I forgot to take a picture but I will try to get one on here soon. Treyton can count up to 20 but struggles with 13-16 because he can't say them well.

Also for math this week Treyton played with our rice box which I made several months ago. He practices lot of things like measuring, pouring, sizes, etc. Of course I tied in the obvious "R" correlation, which Treyton informed me (politely) that he already knew. :~)

Books We Used this Week


michelle said...

Amber, you are plugging away so nicely. I loved reading about all that you are doing. I still love that rainbow shape book and loved seeing that you made it too! And I must say that you are so brave to let Treyton play with the the rice tub on the carpet. *Ü*

Can't wait to see what you do next!

Virginia Lee said...

Amber, you al just seem to have such fun in your school time. That's wonderful!

I sent you an email about the Pay It Forward. Didn't know if you got it? If you'll send me your address I will get your package ready to go and send it your way. I actually have everything, I just need to get to the post office.

Debbie said...

So much fun with the letter Rr. I love the rainbow book, that is way too cute. I also like the rice tub, we have one ourselves, but Selena likes me to just make a rice tray that she can trace in.

Deborah said...

I love your painting rocks. A novel craft for the kiddos. We will have to try it one day. :)

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I know what you mean about r sound sounding more like w sound. In our house l and r sounds sound pretty much the same :)
It looks like a great week overall - rock painting was quite popular here too when we've done it in September. Happy teaching!

Amy said...

Wow, what an awesome week. I know what you mean about finishing one book and moving to another. We finished Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons this week. That is such an accomplishment, but I think Samuel is struggling with starting something new.

We have done the crayon project too. Before they are completely hard again we cut heart shapes in them and poked a hole for a ribbon. They made cute necklaces that we put in our Valentine's last year.

And lastly, don't worry too much about the teens. Samuel struggpled with those until last winter and Isaak still doesn't always get it right.

I have been meaning to let you know I ended up purchasing The Weaver Unit study from Alpha and Omega. I am still reading through the teaching manuel which is fantastic, I hope the units are equally as great. Thanks for your encouragement about unit studies.

Lynn said...

Looks like an awesome week!! Love your rainbow book and your rock painting!!!

Susana said...

Your rock painting, rainblow crayons and rainbow book are so fun! Your school time is so much fun!!

Adriana said...

The rock painting looks like so much fun! D has trouble with R's too. He make an L sound.