Monday, October 19, 2009

Letter Tt

Letter Learning & Activities 
This week we learned about the letter Tt. As far as letter learning goes... this one was a piece of cake. Treyton already knows Tt - VERY well, in fact he spent most of the week telling me what I'm normally telling him. He was more used to writing the upper case T, but had no problem writing the lower case one. 
He loved to write the letter Tt's and could do an entire page in less than 5 minutes, he really did zip right through 'em. 

We also spent some time reviewing writing our other letters, which he did much better at this week than last. - Kk is still the one he struggles with the most but compared to last week I think he is doing much better. 

Fun Letter Activities and Crafts 
Tissue Paper T

(sorry I tried to rotate it.. no luck)  

Coffee Filter Turtle 
For this craft I just had Treyton color a coffee filter and glue it on to a piece of construction paper, we then drew a head, arms and tail for our turtle.

To be honest, I had a lot more crafts in store for this week (a shape train and track painting to be sure) as well as an elaborate Bible Lesson, however, the kids got the flu this week so we really only had 2 1/2 days of school.  

This week we were able to actually incorporate a science experiment into our letter Tt week. 
We decided to learn what reaction certain liquids (drinks) have on our teeth. We did four different types of drink:

Water, Orange Juice, Soda and Milk 

Treyton poured the different drinks into the cups, and then dropped the eggs in as well. 

We then put a smiley face on the ones that we thought would be good for (or not hurt) our teeth, and a frowny face on the ones that Treyton thought would be bad for our teeth. Treyton decided, completely on his own which ones he thought were good and bad... I think he did pretty well. 

Experiment Conclusions: The soda turned the egg brown, and especially where are finger prints were on the eggs (don't really know why that is) the water egg seemed unaffected by the experiment as did the milk egg. The juice egg actually started to peel a little bit... some of the hard shell was slimy and would rub off. 
Treyton had a very hard time accepting the fact juice was "bad" for your teeth. We tried to explain to him that it wasn't bad all the time, only if you had alot... he still had a hard time.

Seasonal Pumpkin Fun

Painting Pumpkins

Lexie almost got involved... painting a few strokes before she got bored and went down for her nap :~)  

This was actually a VERY special school day for us because Aunt Tami decided to join us for a little while and participate! 

Here are our diligent students hard at work!

Pumpkin Seeds 
I cut open the pumpkins and had Tami and Treyton dig out the pumpkin seeds

We separated the seeds from the pumpkin 'ickys" and then rinsed them in water.
Preheat oven to 300 degrees
Mix Pumpkin seeds with 2 Tbl of melted butter and a touch of salt
Spread into a single layer on a cookie sheet
Bake for about 40 minutes or until roasted (ours took a touch longer than 40 minutes)

Cool and Enjoy!!
This is Lexie chewing on a pumpkin seed... I think she looked so cute :~)
(Side note: for a typical 15-month old, most pumpkin seeds will come out in the same condition they went in... if you're wondering!) 

Books We Used this Week

After reading the "I am a Sea Turtle" Book, we decided to watch the Planet Earth DVD with the section on sea turtles. Treyton loves the Planet Earth movies, so this took no convincing... in fact, he watched the sea turtle part twice. It was really awesome to see (in HD) the sea turtles hatching and making their way to the sea, just like we had read in the book!! 


Tami Jo said...

Hey Treyton! Nice job on your letters and thank you again for showing them to me the other day. Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting me come to your school; I had a BLAST!!!

Love ya
Aunt Tami Jo

Catherine said...

How fun! :) And that is such a cute picture of Lexie! And I'm laughing out loud about the pumpkin seed diapers!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Too funny about the diapers!

Sounds like you had a fun week despite the flu--you're doing a great job!

Have you ever tried spraying the coffee filter with water after coloring it with markers (on your turtle)? It makes the colors bleed and produces a tye-dye effect. Be sure to lay layers of paper underneath, because it does bleed through (though this can also be cool if you use white paper underneath, because then that will also have a design on it you can use for something else!)

Amber said...

Yeah, we've done the coffee filter thing (for Joseph and the coat of many colors). It was a good time, but was a little messier than what we wanted to do on a "flu" day, but I too recommend it - it turns out really cool.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I am impressed with Treyton's handwriting - it's pretty advanced. I loved the picture of him with his aunt and good jobs on the pumpkins for both of them :)

Jolanthe said... I'm cracking up at the pumpkin seed 'end result' report! :)

A fun and busy week for you all ~ we're doing pumpkins too and our kids are loving it!

Thanks for joining up {and love your blog design!}

Mrs Adept said...

He's doing super great with his letters.