Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pp is for Paper Picture Placemats

This week we are learning the letter Pp we have done SOOO much this week (the possibilities are truly endless) but this was one of my favorites and I had alot of pictures, so I am giving it it's own posts.

We wove together some Paper Picture Placemats!

The weaving was a little tough for Treyton but he figured it out and did a great job not getting frustrated and sticking with it. I ended up doing most of the other 4 (we had to have one for each family member... right?) then we got some pictures sorted them out for each person's mat, glued them on and had Dad take them to Office Max to get them laminated. All in all it wasn't very hard, but a little time consuming.

So far they have been a big hit (we did them on Sunday) and have used them for every meal since.

Treyton weaving the mat together (this one is his)

All finished with the weaving

Four of the finished five (the orange is Treyton's, pink is Lexie's, purple is dad's, blue is new baby and green below is mom's)

The laminated finished products!


Virginia Lee said...

Very cool. Love that he made one for the new baby.


Tami Jo said...

The cutest thing ever!