Friday, November 20, 2009

Letter Dd

Letter Learning & Activities

The second half of our week was spent working on the Letter Dd. This was another fun letter with lots of ideas to sort through.
In finishing this letter we also finished Book B of Get set of the Code - something that Treyton was more excited about this time than with Book A.

Obviously our struggle with this letter is the similarity with the letter Bb, when writing and even reading the lower case letter, but overall he does pretty well, this is just something I think he will learn more thoroughly in time.

To go along with our letter Dd we printed off the Dinosaur letter matching game from 1+1+1=1 (upper and lower case) and played it.

Fun Activities & Crafts
Dd is for Dots
I drew the letter Dd on white construction paper and then had Treyton add some dots. He was very proud of his work here, I think because I was so impressed with his choice of colors, he took additional pride in his work.

Dog Card
We did this craft last year when we worked on the letter Dd and I loved it then and it was something I remembered doing and I knew Treyton didn't so I decided to add it in again this time around.
It was pretty easy - just some folding and drawing on the face.
1. We folded a piece of construction paper in a long triangle (to make a square) and cut off the extra piece
2. We kept the paper folded in a triangle and folded down both sides (for the ears)
3. We then drew on the puppy dog face
Dinosaur Stamps
I picked up some dinosaur stamps at hobby lobby a couple weeks ago for a couple of bucks - Here is Treyton using them.

Dog House
Last week we moved Lexie into her big girl room. We ordered new furniture, including a new dresser, which came in a nice big box. Tim wanted to have the furniture store cut the box off when we picked it up so he wouldn't have to deal with cutting up and recycling more cardboard, but I begged him to keep it so we could make a Dog House to go with this weeks letters!
It was perfect.

Notice the bottom of the house is held together by duct tape (or "man tape" as Treyton calls it). When I pulled out the duct tape he said "Thank goodness I am here, I'm a man, I can help you."

Alexa and Treyton both had a blast with this - we even went as far to eat like dogs. Alexa had a hard time but she did the best she could. Treyton was a natural dog, even bringing toys into his house with only his mouth.

Playing Drums 
We have a drum set in the basement that Treyton loves to play with - I made sure to set up some special time that Treyton could play on the drums!

Books We Used this Week 
Hound from the Pound

Go, Dog, Go
Clifford (an assortment of Clifford books) 
A Variety of Dinosaur Pebble Books 
Get Set for the Code 
Handwriting without Tears 


Debbie said...

Cute dog house. I love how your little one is playing to be a dog. I have pics of Selena when she was younger trying to be a dog as well, packing things around the house in her mouth.

Jolanthe said...

Ok - the man tape comment is too funny! :) The dog house is great.

I have GOT to remember to pull our stamp pads out for Kaleb to use!!!

Raising a Happy Child said...

The man of the house comment cracked me up as well. This is fantastic letter d. I should do something reinforcing b and d, because my daughter still confuses them in reading.

Mrs Adept said...

We are also working on d in Go for the Code book B. Although Chloe has been confusing it with an /a/ for some reason. Hoping by pointing out that the stick is way longer will help her. No rush though, she's got plenty of time.