Thursday, November 19, 2009

Letter Hh

Once again this week we split the week in half and did two letters. We were actually able to finish the Get Set for the Code (book B) before our Thanksgiving break which was my goal for us. Our next goal was to finish book C before the end of the year and then start book 1 at the beginning of the year as well as a more structured phonics plan (which I have yet to plan or think about), but I just looked at book C today and it is actually bigger (has more letters) than the first two books so it will take us longer than I originally expected. But that's fine because this week we have stumbled upon our first ever unit study which we have decided to implement into our school week as well... so instead of jumping into phonics I think we're going to keep doing the letters and their sounds and then incoorporate a unit study every couple of weeks. I am writing a separate post regarding our Spider Unit study which I cannot WAIT to tell you all about!!

Letter Learning, Crafts & Activities
Hh was another easy letter for Treyton which was easy to complete. He wrote it well and knew the sound before we even started. I am still amazed at how effective that Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD was in giving Treyton just a little bit more that has made school easier for both of us.
This week was fairly easy to incoorporate fun extras like:
Hot Dogs for lunch (which we also emphasized the "Dd" in seeings as how it was the next letter we were working on for this week) and
Singing the Hokey Pokey (so much fun!!)

Family of Hands
We did these just like the feet - each of us painting our hand and stamping it
Hand Thanksgiving Tree
This craft took a little bit of time, but it is a tradition that we do every year for thanksgiving. This year however, instead of drawing our hands a bunch of times and cutting them out - we painted our hands and stamped them - let them dry - and then cut the painted prints out. We then wrote the things we were thankful for and taped them to the wall along with a tree trunk. Making the most beautiful Thanksgiving Tree we've had yet.
Some of the things that Treyton said he was thankful for this year:
~ That Daddy goes to work for us
~ Mama & Daddy's cooking
~ Special Treats
~ Church
~ Folding Laundry (... yeah I didn't get that one either)
~ That mama is home all the time
~ That I love everyone from my childhood
~ Eddie, Puddle and Doopey (our pet turtle and frogs)

Lexie even got in on it this year - her handprints were red and yellow, Treyton's were orange, brown and green.
Horse Picture
Treyton colored a picture of a horse on cardstock and then attached yarn for added dimension to the tail and mane.
For Math this week Treyton worked on the number 5 (which we started last week a little) and then we spent alot of time reviewing writing numbers 1-5. Treyton doesn't need any work with counting number practice at this point except for writing. He struggles most with the #2, and then with #3, but I've seen a significant amount of improvement on writing #3 this week.

Books We Used this Week


Debbie said...

Love your hand tree. We did some hand activities here as well.

Jolanthe said...

Those hands and that tree are so SWEET!!! Love it! Those numbers will come too! :)


Raising a Happy Child said...

Wow - that tree looks awesome, what a great idea. Treyton's coloring is very impressive too.