Friday, November 13, 2009

Letter Jj & Creation

This week because we did two different letters, I ended up splitting up the posts. This is part 2 (for part 1, letter Nn, go here)


Letter Learning & Activities
The second half of the week we focused on the letter Jj. It took Treyton a little while to get the hang of writing the letter j, but he likes writing the little dot above it.
We did the explode the code workbook which was a little tricky this week because their primary Jj vocabulary word was jack-o-lantern, which Treyton has never really seen or at least realized it if he did. He kept calling it a pumpkin - so after the first day I just let it go and if they had us identify the sound of the picture I let him say /p/.
Treyton loves the new muffin top game from Happy Phonics - he actually played it three times yesterday - twice with me and once with dad.
We also reviewed writing a few of our "older" letters: s, n, f, p and t. Ss is still hard for him but.... I feel like if I push it he will just give up.

Fun Activities & Crafts
Jelly Fish
Treyton was soooo psyched about this craft!! We hang all our crafts up after we do them, and this one has hardly stayed up there. He takes it off all the time to run it around the house. Talking about how it stings and swims and plays.
We saw alot of fun/different ways to make a jelly fish - we chose ours based on the supplies we had on hand!
I took a paper plate and cut it in half, I think took party streamers we had from a left over party and cup a few strips - vertically in half.
We then taped the streamers on the front side of the plate.

We made a jack in the box out of shapes. I found the idea for this craft at Homeschool Creations (thanks Jolanthe)Math
For Math this week Treyton did some workbook sheets working on writing the numbers 3 & 4. He has struggled with both 2 & 3 so I considered giving up on the number writing for now (and to be honest we have given up on it for a while) but then when we started working on the number 4 it seemed to click for him and he was very excited and motivated. I think it's the curvy lines that he struggles with and so he gives up a little faster.
We also did a number line with the numbers 1-30, Treyton did much better at this than I expected and didn't get discouraged once we got into the 20s (numbers that he just learned). ~Disclosure: we did print this off from somewhere but I don't have it in front of me just now, I will try to remember to upload the link a little later.
This is obviously a new area for us so we've just been grazing the surface, mostly working on recognizing and sounding out the "at" family. For now I have stopped doing the "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" I really think we will pick it up again at some point for now it just wasn't what I was looking for.
We just got the first set of Bob Books in today so I am excited to have him read his first book when that time comes.
The new phonics game we played today I made myself in word.
I had printed some "at" word pictures (mat, cat, sat, pat, rat, etc.) and then printed off letters to start the word and a work sheet with a place for him to place the picture and the first letter so that he would spell the words.
He would turn over a picture - place it on the worksheet, and then select the letter that made the word. There is a game on starfall that is the same concept that he enjoyed as well.
If you're interested in printing this game for yourself (along with the "an" family) go here

Bible - Creation
This week for Bible we did the creation story which he just so happened to do in Sunday school as well. I made a poster board divided into 6 sections (for the 6 days that God created) I then covered them up with construction paper and had Treyton take the pages off as we talked about what was made each day.
We now have the chart hanging in the dining room and periodically I will ask Treyton about a certain day and he will go to the chart and tell me. In time, I hope that he will begin to remember them on his own (though I'll be honest, this is something that I myself do not even know).

We are still working on reading through "The Secret Garden" we're about halfway through. I am surprised that Treyton will actually ask to read it, I don't think he is understanding all of it but he is still sitting through it. At the end of each chapter I usually try to "recap it for him" and I think that helps.
Next I plan on reading "Charlotte's Web".

Books We Used this Week


Mradept said...

I love what you did this week. The jelly fish looks awesome. I am so going to have to buy some paper plates.

Mrs Adept said...

Sorry, didn't realise I was signed in as hubby when I did my comment.

whisperingwhispers said...

You have some great ideas here!

The jelly fish looks great!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

For remembering the days of creation, one thing that helped me once it occurred to me, was that the days correspond to each other--they each have a partner. (He is a God of order!) 1 goes with 4, 2-5, and 3-6. On the first day of the pair, He created the background, on the second day of the pair, He created something to go "in" it.

On day 1 He created night and day, and on day 4 He made lights for the night and day (sun, moon, and stars). Day 2 was sky and water, day 5 is birds and water creatures to fill them. Day 3 is land and vegetation, day 6 is animals and man (that live on land).

Make sense? Hope that helps! It helped me a lot! You relaly only have to remember the order of 1-3 and then you'll have 4-6 easy!

Virginia Lee said...

Caleb really liked Charlotte's Web as well as Stuart Little.

The number chain is from Childcare Land's free printables. We did it a few weeks ago and I posted about it in our wrap up post.

Cute jellyfish. I really liked the streamers for tentacles.

SANDRA said...

Great week!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Nice week. We don't practice handwriting at all here, but we are a year younger. I liked the numbers chain - very impressive.

Jolanthe said...

Jessica's comment is GREAT ~ I never realized that about the days of creation {I have trouble remembering them too!!}.

Your jack-in-the-box turned out so cute!! And those curvy lines are VERY hard for kiddos to master! Zachary still has trouble with the numbers that involve curves.

Great week girl!