Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Letter Nn

This week we are doing two letters so I decided to break it down into two posts to keep it organized (for my journal).

Letter Learning & Activities
The first letter we worked on this week was letter Nn. Treyton has now gotten to where it takes him two days to do the pages for one letter in his explode the code workbook. He still loves doing them, so I hate to tell him to slow down... so we're speeding up!
Treyton is quickly learning his letters and sounds now. He now knows 20/26 of his letters (he doesn't know u, v, c, d, l, and i.) Just doing the alphabet chart in the daily binder has helped him remember his letters better.

Some of the games that we are playing in school right now are:
~ Muffin Top Game - from Happy Phonics - where we match upper case letters with lower case letters
~ Alphabet Puzzle - a caterpillar puzzle that has the upper case letters on the board and has you match with the lower case puzzles
~ Consonant Sound Cards - from Homeschool Creations - where we match pictures with the letters that they start with
~ A to Z Go Fish - from Sonlight - this one we started to play this week but haven't gotten into much yet and didn't even finish it the first time due to Alexa interruptions. You play go fish with an upper and lower case letters.
Treyton loves games and it seems to be a great way to not only learn but have fun too - for BOTH of us!
~ Letter Magnets - Treyton was never as interested in the alphabet magnets as I had hoped, but it was also nothing that I pushed either. The past couple of weeks though, Treyton started to take a real interest in the Leap Frog Letter magnets we have on the fridge. On Tuesday he took all the magnets and put them in order. This is something I hope to encourage because I think it was great practice for him, and something that he took the initiative to do on his own.

Fun Activities & Crafts
We didn't have as many crafts for the letter Nn, mostly because I couldn't find that many that would work for us, but also because we've spent more time doing games and activities than crafts this week.

Paper Nest
We were lucky enough to find a really awesome nest this summer that has saved well until now, so we were able to actually look at it, touch it and discuss nests. It helped Treyton to make his own nest out of paper.
It was pretty simple, I just cut out strips for him to glue and design his own nest.
He also attached a blue piece of construction paper for the sky and drew on a brown tree brancj for our nest to sit on.
Phone Numbers
I printed off two phone sheets from DLTK one for our phone number and one for Daddy's work number. I then put the numbers on flash cards and we started practicing the phone number, eventually we want to turn over numbers one at a time until he has the entire phone number memorized.
I decided to have him memorize Tim's work number first and then our home number because we are able to practice using it more which is especially fun for Treyton.
We have gone ahead and added this to our daily binder and we plan on practicing it on a regular basis.


Virginia Lee said...

You got Happy Phonics. What do you think?

Amber said...

I LOVE IT!! I read tons of reviews and spent hours just looking around for things that were comparable or "like it" in style and didn't really find anything, and then the fact that it easily supplements with Explode the Code (what we're already using).... it's awesome!
Thanks so much for the recommendation. So far we have played the muffin game and last night we pulled out the reading house and Treyton worked on the "at" family, which has been the family we've started with, with sounding out things. He loved it - even showed his dad, that he does with the things he's most proud of.
Lot of prep work - I'm still organizing all the pieces and such... I think I'm going to need a bigger binder!!