Friday, November 6, 2009

Letter Ss


Letter Learning & Activities

This week we worked on the letter Ss. I will apologize in advance for fewer pictures (excluding the caramel apples), my energy was pretty low for most of this week. I was just glad to get the school books and crafts out to use them :)
We used the Code books, and Treyton finished his work in 3 days - so the last two days we just practiced writing Ss. Writing Ss was VERY hard for Treyton but he was determined to get it. He is doing way better now, it's not a very rounded Ss as much as a backwards Z but I'm proud of his determination to get it.
We also used our consonant cards again this week a few times to play some matching games together - because he is up to so many letters, sometimes it's overwhelming for him to see his pile so we now play a game - he picks one and does it and then I pick one and do it. He likes this, especially when he has to correct me or help me figure mine out. :~)

Fun Activities & Crafts
Paper Spider
We made a spider out of black construction paper and pipe cleaners (cut in half) all we did was tape the pipe cleaners on to the back and colored on yellow eyes.

Wooden Scarecrow
My mother in law had picked up a wooden scarecrow from Treyton (I think from Hobby Lobby or some place like that) I held on to it knowing that Ss was coming up - so we colored it this week. Treyton did a nice job, parts of it actually look like hay, the way he colored it.

Silver Ss
For this craft I took a piece of contruction paper and cut out a letter Ss. We then took some aluminum foil and covered the Ss with Silver - Treyton enjoyed this craft alot, mostly because of the foil I think - so if you all have some creative ideas for some crafts with foil, feel free to send them our way!
Seasonal Fun - Caramel Apples
This past weekend while I was out with a friend Tim took the kids across the field and picked some apples from our neighbor's apple trees - they have a golden delicious and something else... I can't remember now. They were extremely juicy, yummy apples. We didn't have permission until recently to go and pick them but you can be sure next year we will go apple pickin' crazy!!

Here is Treyton dipping his apple
He really enjoyed doing this and has asked to do it again - big mama really enjoyed eating them so it's been hard to resist!!
Big Daddy, stepping in to get the job finished! (That's my man!)

Here's Treyton and Lexie munching on the goodies!!

To go along with the caramel apples we also did a Johnny Appleseed paper bag puppet that we received as part of a craft club that we are in. (Several moms got together and we order crafts in bulk from oriental trading for super cheap).
We talked about the seasons and we did some worksheets out of his book about some things that we do in ____ (summer, winter, spring, fall). We started working on the different seasons in the beginning of the summer so this was mostly just review for Treyton

Math & More
We worked alot on writing our numbers this week, this is still not a strength of Treyton's but he does try when I ask him too.
We worked on Shapes - several worksheets, and also used his shape Popsicle stick craft he did a couple months ago. Treyton has practiced alot on reproducing the shapes which he is getting better at - this has taken a while because he has a hard time taking the time to draw a straight line (which are necessary in most of the shapes).
Because we use mat man (from Handwriting without Tears) to practice our shapes - whenever we work on shapes we also work on drawing people - this week Treyton drew our entire family. After drawing us all he wanted to write our names, so we spent some time learning to write the letters he didn't know (A & d). He was very proud of his work --- as was I... this is a picture of the finished project.
Literature & Reading
I've been wanting to introduce some good literature books to sit down a read, I just so happened to see "The Secret Garden" at the library and picked it up to go along with the Letter Ss this week - it will take us longer than the week to finish so we'll see how it goes, but so far reading bigger books has gone better than I expected with Treyton.

We are still working our way through 100 Easy Lessons, this is not Treyton's favorite thing to do (I think it's a little boring) but he is HIGHLY motivated by his desire to read so he is still asking to do it. I actually think was one of the reasons for my "lazy/blah week" because I was completely overwhelmed and consumed with the thought of teaching Treyton to read and doing it in a fun way. I am continuing with the 100 easy lessons, but if at any point I think it's too much for Treyton we will probably just stop it. I want to get through the get ready for the code books before I start focusing too much on reading - he still has sounds he needs to learn and doing what we're doing is working well - I don't want to rush it or sway from what's working. I look forward to the challenge of reading but for right now, I just need to step back and wait for the time to prepare myself (with both curriculum, games and activities). There is a lot of research to be done before I am comfortable with moving forward.... ~sigh~.... there I said it.... it's off my chest!

Daily Binder
We've continued our daily binder this week - I took my friend Catherine's idea and we've also added a section for our memory verses at the end. I'm excited about how quickly Treyton is picking up the days of the week, we'll be moving on to the months sooner than I thought!!

Coming Up
I pray that next week will go better... this week was just... blah for me. I have big plans for next week - I'm planning on doing two letters Nn and Jj because we don't have as many crafts to do with them and Treyton is already fairly acquainted with Nn, but we'll see how it goes. If things don't pick up I may just take a week off. We've had a great streak here, our longest ever, so I'm not disappointed if we need a little break.


Susana said...

I know what you mean about energy running low:-). We are having that problem here as well!

Love your silver "Ss" and that Johnny Appleseed is awesome!!

Yummy apples!

Thanks so much for linking up and hope you have a great weekend!

~Sara said...

I like your silver letter S. And your caramel apples look so yummy!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I know what you mean about feeling blah...I'm right there with you a lot of days!

Regarding 100 Easy Lessons, I know it can get boring, so we do take breaks, and just to let you know, I now have 2 kids that read, and neither one of them ever finished the whole 100 lessons. They make it about 1/2 way through and then ask for real books, which is when we move on to Bob Books. And if you'd like to take a break but continue with the progress, I'd suggest using My kids still love this site.

Michelle said...

Kudos to you for posting! When I am having a blah week, I just wait and post it all the next week. We take lots of breaks too - it is easy to burn out.

That said, it looks like you had a great week! I love the silver S - so creative and shiny! The carmel apples look yummy too! *Ü*

Jolanthe said...

I'm having a little mommy 'recharge' this weekend with the ladies from my church. :)

Getting together with ladies to do the craft supplies is a GREAT idea!! Thanks for the suggestion!

And making apples....yum. We didn't go apple picking this year, but I'm thinking we just need to go pick some up and make them - our kids would love it still!

Thanks for joining up with us this week. :)

Tara Rison said...

I am now craving a caramel apple!

Love that Johnny Appleseed project. So cute!

I also love his family portrait. You should have him do it again in exactly 1 year, so that you can compare the progress.

Virginia Lee said...

We take breaks whenever we need them. It makes a huge difference for us.

Your Johnny Appleseed puppet was really cute.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Amber, I highly recommend Progressive Phonics ( The course is completely free, so you can try it out and see how it goes. I love it here.

Jeanette said...

Regarding writing numbers, it is interesting to me that my son has been writing letters for about 2 years but still hates writing numbers. We are working on it but I can usually only get him to practice 2 or 3 numbers before he just gets whiny.