Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Trip to the Spider Museum

We are currently doing a unit study on Spider's.
Last Monday we went to our local museum to see their spider exhibit (and much more). It was so exciting for both Treyton and I! That morning before I left I asked him if he wanted to pack his notebook, he said "yes" so I said that I would put it in the diaper bag. He insisted that I let him pack and bring his own back pack. I said he could so he set about packing a few spider books, his notebook, pencils and some crayons... he was so excited!!

The museum had a lot of hands-on things for him to try. Here he is at the museum testing his fear of spiders... he did pretty well (better than mom).

 Here is Treyton testing his spider knowledge - he had to take the bug magnets and categorize them as either a spider or bug - he did great!

They had a magnifying glass with bug samples that he could look at. He didn't totally get it, but he did try.

Here is Treyton and his friend Sam moving the spiders and bugs, illustration how spiders capture their prey.

This picture (one of my favorites) is of Treyton taking notes

We also looked at the rest of the museum and got to see some really cool "old world Wisconsin" items.

Here are the boys with an old car. 
Treyton and Sam
and then.... Dad and Mr. Jason

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Virginia Lee said...

Cute. Caleb loves spiders as well. Too bad because they are one of the very few of God's creatures I am not fond of. Although we really need them. Looks like a very cool exhibit.