Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pay It Forward

A few days ago we received a package from some of our blog friends The Roger's Family as part of the pay it forward fun.

I have to tell you, I was SOOO excited to get the package I could hardly wait for Treyton to get in the room... I did wait, and I'm glad I did because he was almost as excited as I was. Our package was filled with incredibly fun goodies most of them holiday themed (which was an awesome addition) that we have had the pleasure of enjoying the past few days. Thank you Virginia, Caleb and Caroline for putting together and sending such a great package!!

The first thing we used were the fall gel stickers for the window. My niece Shayla happened to be here that day so she helped us put them on... the kids really enjoyed this, and since the first day they have been moved around and restructured to get them "just right" for Treyton. This was my first experience with the gel stickers - I really like them.

Moments later we did the foam door hanger, it was/is a turkey and it is ADORABLE. Of course, as I'm uploading all my pictures I realize I didn't get a picture of this. But I do have to let you know it's one craft I will have no problem saving and putting in our "holiday decor" box to use year after year - super cute!

The next thing that Treyton did was color the wooden turkey. For part of school this week Treyton had colored a wooden Scarecrow (for the letter Ss) and enjoyed it, so this was like a double dose of greatness for him! I was amazed at how great his turkey looked - in fact we decided to send it to Daddy's work yesterday afternoon, just to spread around the very colorful, very well illustrated holiday cheer!! (No worries, Treyton made sure Dad knew he had to bring it back home THAT day)
The book that they sent is called "A Prayer a Day" and it is going to be a great resource for not only our school but daily Bible time. I've read through several of the prayers and could hardly put the book down... this is probably my favorite part of the package.

So the pay it forward fun has begun here, but what about at your house? If you are interested in being a part of the fun, be one of the first three people to respond to this post and Treyton, Alexa and I will put a package together to send to your family.
The only request is that if you are one of the first three and if you have a blog, that you will agree to pass it forward to three other lucky family's to keep the fun going.

Good luck, we can't wait to put together your packages!!


Catherine said...

What a great idea! How fun!

Rachel was looking at all of your pictures with me and she got so excited when she saw Treyton's school binder and all of the projects you've been doing. She said that she wants to write him a letter! ha! Would Treyton like a little pen pal? (I totally understand if you're uncomfortable with that though).

~Catherine :)

Alexis said...

I think this is a great idea and would love to participate. Shayla had so much fun helping Treyton decorate the window but it may have been even more educational for Autumn!!

DramaMama said...

What a great idea! Love it! And that book is just the idea for our family Christmas gift!

Anonymous said...

Super Cute!! I love it!!! I may just have to start my own three people. Great Idea and what a way to brighten someones day.

Virginia Lee said...

I am so glad you all liked the package! We had lots of fun putting it together.

You have a very good colorer on your hands. Caleb still scribbles all over and uses lots of black.

Happy Thanksgiving Blessings, a little early. =)

Catherine said...

Guess what we got in our mailbox today?! Thank you. :) We had so much fun and what a great surprise! I blogged about it here: