Friday, November 13, 2009

Phonics Game for "at" and "an" families

This is a phonics game that I made for Treyton to learn some "at" and "an" words.

Cut the boxes out of the pictures and letters.
I also cut the "at" and "an" page into two strips so that Treyton wasn't looking at both of them at the same time.
Turn over the picture pieces and display the letters.
Have your child select a picture piece at random and then select the letter that makes that word.

~ Side note: for some reasons the boxes I created for the pictures and letters did not download right, you will have to use your best judgment in cutting them out. (Sorry)
Phonics Families "at" and "an"

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Louisa said...

Thanks for sharing your phonics game - I will try that one out with my class. My kids love any games which involve cutting and sticking, but also enjoy playing online phonics games like these.