Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanksgiving Books

So as I was preparing to do a little unit on Thanksgiving for school this year with Treyton, I realized we have NO thanksgiving books.
So I went on to amazon and started looking around... but let's be honest a search for "Thanksgiving books for kids" turned up a little more than I had time to research. So I'm asking you all - my trusted blog friends.... do you have any recommendations for Thanksgiving (turkey, harvest, etc.) books for kids. It would be great if I could find a few that had a God/Christian center to them, but I'm looking for anything right now.

Thanks alot for your help!!

UPDATE: I did over to the Roger's Family Blog and found in her side bar a great list of Thanksgiving books.... so if you are looking head over there! I am still taking recommendations but I also wanted you to know, Virginia, I did find your list!

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Virginia Lee said...

Glad you found it. Homeschool Share has a whole unit study already made on the "Give Thanks to the Lord" book. It's free.