Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tot School: What it Looks Like for Us

I have begun to find and give Lexie some simple tot school activities - to be completely honest, Alexa likes to do whatever Treyton and I are doing more than any activity that I have found for her, but she does really enjoy her straw holder that I made (and idea I found at delightful learning) and can spend a good 10 minutes putting them in her holder.
Here is Lexie doing a puzzle. She is still learning how to do puzzles, but she amazes herself more and more when she gets one in there!!
Over all Lexie loves to color the most. We have finally managed to teach her NOT to eat the colors. Anytime Lexie sees Treyton and I take out our school stuff she runs to her chair and starts to climb in so that she can do it to!!


This is Alexa playing with Spaghetti noodles during a school time activity that Treyton was doing - she ate more than anything else, but certainly got some textile motor skill exercise in.

Here she is scribbling on a dinosaur counting sheet that Treyton didn't get to use :~)

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Michelle said...

I love those little hands - so sweet! And that is common with little ones - often when I don't post about tot school it is because she was just playing along with us. *Ü*