Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Welcome to Our Life: The Ladybug

This afternoon during school we had a special visitor. Treyton was immediately taken by her, we spent a couple minutes getting to know our new friend before continuing on without her. As of this posting, she is resting comfortably underneath my laptop (alive and well). She is unable to fly (I think that had something to do with the crunch we heard).

Be sure to turn your volume up because Treyton says some really adorable things, if you can hear him. Hope your day is as full of adventures!!

If you can't understand us... our conversation starts something like this
Me: "I think she is scared of you"
Treyton: "I'm not big, I'm not a really big one"
Me: 'Well, you're kind of big"
Treyton: "I'm not soo big. Get up"
Me: Be gentle
Treyton: I'll help you little one, my finger kind of big
Me: Did you hurt her?
Treyton: I don't think so

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