Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lapbooking Resources

We have somewhat taken this week off of school so that I could devote some of my "free time" while Lexie is napping for about an hour in the afternoon to planning Treyton's future units. So far I have put together our Christmas Symbol Unit and Lapbook - which we are currently doing together as a family as part of our advent calendar, as well as our Human Body unit and lapbook which I plan on starting next week when we get back to doing school.

Next I am working on a unit on Snakes (Treyton's most recent request), and The Ocean . I am actually partially finished with The Ocean already so... I'm optimistic that I'll finish them up this week.

As I have gotten into the thick of planning units and even the pleasure of doing one complete one (on Spiders) I have fallen in love with Lapbooking. I've always liked lapbooking, but the more we do them and use them, the more I realize how much I like them.
I am absolutely AMAZED by how many resources are out there for our use so as I've been working on compiling my stuff I have been saving all of these incredible resources... there are more which I will probably continue to add, but I wanted to start sharing what I have on the top of my mind:

Homeschool Share - absolutely one of my favorites, and one I have mentioned before and recommended to most of my friends.
As a part of homeschool share they have a section of miscellaneous lapbook templates (I was able to find a really awesome book log for our ocean lapbook here) - as well as blank lapbook templates

Lapbook Lessons - you do have to become a member to use this site but it is free and it is well worth the time to sign up! They offer some free lapbooks, which are great, but my favorite part is the laplinks and places they have to share your own lapbooks... I have found TONS and TONS of awesome resources through them.

Kidzone - this site doesn't have a lot of different themes but the ones they do have are great - I found both snakes and spiders on this one (as well as sharks) that have been extremely helpful.

Perpetual Preschool a site with lots of different themes there are different crafts, songs, games, science, food/snack ideas for each topic. Some themes are OVERLOADED with ideas... a great resource for putting units together for younger students 

Homeschool Helper - offers free unit studies, free lapbooks, worksheets, notebooking pages, and even record keeping forms

Making Learning Fun - I found a lot of age appropriate printables to go along with our units at this site.

Extra Resources 
Create your own crossword puzzle

Have fun planning your own units and lapbooks!!

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