Friday, December 4, 2009

Letter Cc & Letter Ll

I was planning on taking a break this week from school but Monday morning rolled around and Treyton actually asked to do school, who am I to say "no", right?

Luckily I had finished up my lesson plans for the Go for the Cod books a couple of weeks ago so I was set as far as phonics was concerned, adding a little math and Bible was easy and I just extended a little bit of our Spider Unit study for scieance... so there you have it a quickly put together week of school that was relatively successful!

Letter Learning & Activities 
The first half of the week we worked on the letter Cc. I wondered why they waited so long to introduce this letter because it seemed relatively easier than some of the other letters introduced but after we started working on the sound I realized why! /k/ and /c/ are impossible to explain as different. At this point when we worked on our Consonant Sound Card Game I just would tell him if he guessed right or wrong as to whether it started with a Kk or Cc and we just moved on. Go for the Code did a great job of not implementing any/much review of the letter Kk during the Cc week which was helpful because I think it would have thrown Treyton for a real loop.
Writing Cc was an easy lesson for Treyton - he really enjoys writing which is nice to see.
We continue to do our letter book page from Homeschool Creations which I just love, it is an easy supplemental activity that continues to not only reinforce our phonics lesson but also cutting and gluing skills for Treyton. Cutting skills are one of those things that are very tempting to just "pass over" during school, so I'm glad I have the reminder to let Treyton do all the cutting and gluing on his own for at least two activities a week.
We also worked on letter Ll this week which was particularly exciting for me, because upper and lower case Ll were 2 out of the 6 letters that Treyton has yet to recognize... this week changed that! He did great learning them and writing them. I was very proud. 

Crafts & Activities
Because I am expanding our school so much into other subjects I am really trying to keep our letter crafts down to two per letter or 3 smaller ones.
This week we did:

C is for Caterpillar which I found at delightful learning and ABC&123
I took my paper cutter set from creative memories and cut two size circles to make rings, I then cut out part of the rings to make letter Cs

I had Treyton glue the letter Cs and attach them to a caterpillar head/face on white construction paper.

I think it  turned out really cute.

C is for Cat which I found at ABC&123
This was an easy but cute craft to do.
I took my circle paper cutters, again, and cut two different size circles, I then cut out a tail and two small triangles.

I gave all the pieces to Treyton to assemble his cat.
He used a white crayon to draw on the cat's face which he just thought was the coolest thing - he tried several times to use the white on white paper and he would just giggle when it wouldn't work! (This is something we've done before but for some reason it just never gets old for him!)

Ll is for Leopard
I printed off this template at DLTK - I cut out the pieces and allowed Treyton to assemble completely on his own - he did great!

Ll is for ladybug
We had such a great time painting rocks for letter Rr that I decided to implement that again but this time we painted ladybug rocks. Treyton was thrilled!!


I didn't have any black paint so we improvised and used brown (Treyton didn't seem to care)

Ll Minibook from DLTK
Knowing that Treyton didn't already know the letter Ll I wanted him to have extra practice and exposure to it this week so I also printed off this minibook from DLTK that talks about different things that start with the letter Ll.

Books We Used 
Llama Llama Red Pajama has always been a favorite of Treyton's we read it 4 or 5 times this week!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
The Cat and the Hat Dr. Seuss
Ten Little Ladybugs - this has been one of Treyton's favorites since he was 18 months old... I have it practically memorized!

This week for math we worked on writing the number 6.
I am continuing to use the Kumon workbook which I'm not very impressed with as well as the Rod and Staff Letter C book which I like alot more. I also supplement other number worksheets from various workbooks we've picked up along the way.
We didn't do much else with the number 6 besides practicing write it because Treyton already knows that number 6 but we did continue practicing counting to 30+ which Treyton is getting better at.

We are about halfway through Charlotte's Web which went along with our Spider Unit. We are taking our time to get through this book because we can only do small sections at a time before Treyton gets bored. I think it's a great exercise (reading more sophisticated literature) but we're slowly increasing our expectations with him as he learns to just sit still and listen to me read with minimal pictures to look at.

We continued reading more real-life picture books of spiders, which, again, Treyton can't get enough of... I don't know why but he just loves the real-life books and videos.

Our verse for this week was "Love one another" John 15:12
We also read "The First Christmas" book that we read every year for advent as well as Luke 2 out of "mom's bible" to begin our Christmas season.
I'm not sure yet but I am planning our next "unit" to be on Christmas and Christmas symbols which I plan on taking mostly from Carissa over at 1+1+1=1 she seems to have a lot of great ideas and resources to start with. 


Debbie said...

You ended up having a busy week! I love the caterpillar!

Michelle said...

Don't you just love that circle cutter? Looks like you had a great week (here's to planning in advance!) *Ü*

Jolanthe said...

Yours is the second place in the last few days I've seen those ladybug rocks and I love them!! :)

Kim said...

I love your caterpillar!