Friday, December 18, 2009

Letter Gg & Letter Ww

Treyton is 4 years 4 months old

This week we studied letter Gg and Letter Ww. Treyton did great with both letters, that he struggled with writing both of them at first but it took him a little practice and he got the hang of them.

Of course we did our Code book, and the letter page sheets from Homeschool Creations. As well as practicing our handwriting alot this week. We went back and worked on n, j, s, p, r, c, l, g, h and d. He did great with this. we did 5 a day and it was actually after the 4th letter he was ready to stop but I pushed him to do 5 and he did.... I was proud of him.

Treyton also impressed me this week by writing his entire alphabet on the dry erase board in order, almost completely on his own (he needed help with a few of the letters we haven't covered yet but there were only a couple).

I made an animal letter folder game a while ago but it took me a while to get it laminated. Last week I finally got around to bringing it in. This week we read the book "Animal Alphabet" and played the file fold game. Treyton really enjoyed it. My only complaint would be that it's hard to do the alphabet with animals... urchin(?)... seriously? It doesn't even make a proper /u/ for preschoolers.

The cool thing though was that Treyton still learns from the alphabet animal things... today when he ate his apple (we always turn the stem singing the alphabet, whatever letter the stem comes off on we list words that start with that letter) the stem came off on "I"... I said "igloo", Treyton said "Iguana"!

Letter Crafts & Activities 
Gg is for Glitter
Tthis appears to be an "easy" craft but I let Treyton do the entire thing on his own... which was challenging (to say the least!) I wrote the Gg on a piece of paper, handed him a bottle of Elmer's glue and a tube of glitter! He did a great job.

Gg is for Green Grapes 
I don't remember where I got this craft... DLTK maybe?
For this craft we took a roll of TP and put it in green paint, we then stamped green grapes all over our page and added a stem at the top.
Lexie even got into this craft, which was cute to watch.

Treyton enjoyed this one so much that he wanted to do it twice... since all the supplies were out, I was happy to oblige :)

Ww is for Watermelon 
This craft I got off of My Family My Forever's blog.
I cut out a red and green W and placed them like a watermelon on paper. Treyton then punched out and added black paper dots to the watermelon
(Sorry but I forgot to take a picture of this one) 

Ate Gummy Worms
Combining our two letters this week I couldn't resist the urge to eat gummy worms!!

Practiced Winking 
This is absolutely a great time - Treyton has been "winking" for a while now, and by winking I mean he takes his hand, presses down one eye and makes a click with his tongue... it's priceless.
He tells me while we were practicing our mad skills "Wow, I'm getting really good at winking"
All I could do was smile and say "Yes you are buddy!"

Weather Warriors 
Living in the midwest we've received a little snow in our area :) Treyton loves to shovel, most days he asks to go out and shovel something. Here are dad and Treyton being our weather warriors - shoveling our driveway so we can get out :)

Daily Binder
This week while working in our daily binder we added Montana as a state and have begun working on our home phone number (Treyton has completely memorized Dad's work number).

Treyton actually requested to work with Mat Man this week so we pulled him out and had a little fun. We talked about our shapes and read our Mat Man book. Treyton was interested in some of the more unique shapes (like pentagon, star, etc) instead of the more basic ones (square, rectangle, triangle) which was encouraging to see.

We reviewed writing numbers 1-5. For some reason Treyton is struggling to recognize 7-9 so we are working a little bit on that, but I think that will get better when we get to writing those numbers.... which will be soon.


Virginia Lee said...

I am so impressed by the dry erase alphabet. That is awesome!

Ticia said...

I recognize Mat Man, my kids love him.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Wow, Treyton's writing skills are really impressive. It's also impressive that you did so much during holiday season. The winking skill cracked me up - it's always fun to hear what accomplishments make our little ones proud of themselves. Happy holidays!

Mrs Adept said...

We are still working on Go for the Code too - almost done though. Chloe has really loved this series, and I bet Treyton has loved it too. Such great books and practise work. Tell Treyton he did great on the dry ease board~!!

(Hoping to get a preschool post done in the next couple of weeks. Been super different now that we have moved.)