Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Background

I am sad to say the Template Mama has decided to take a break from blogging for a while and that means that my backgrounds, after the first of the year were no longer going to be available.
Needless to say this meant I was on the computer MOST of the afternoon trying to get my blogs in order... sigh.... this is not one of my favorite pastimes!!

However, during my hours of labor, I was able to find some good, and fun, websites that you may all find helpful (sometime).

I have referred to some of these before, but there are some new ones as well:

There are tons of template sites out there, but most of them are fairly basic... I am really into headers that match my background but am NOT at the skill level to make my own so, I like to find sites that either have matching sets or that make the template and header together - the following are some sites that I liked and used:
Almost Ready Blogs - there isn't a ginormous selection here or anything, but there's enough to get you started and it seems as though she is fairly regular at updating and adding new things, so make sure you check back here. (this is where I got Journey of Grace's template)
Leelou Blogs - this site seems to have a lot of variety and has more than one designer which is nice. (this is where I got Refined Metals Academy's template)
Amybayliss Templates - these weren't my favorite style but I did like some of them
Rainy Day Blog Design - this site has alot of great tutorials, including how to put a border around the images in your post a border around images in your post and how to add snow to your site. The most amazing thing about this blog is that it is made and run by a 13 year old girl!

I used Kevin and Amanda's tutorial and font prints to customize my pages

Template Mama was gracious enough to leave a list of other blogs and blog design sites to help! Here it is!

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Jessica-MomForHim said...

I like it! Thanks for the list.