Saturday, December 26, 2009

Homemade Timeline

I made a timeline for our school a while ago, but haven't had the time to post on it - as I was cleaning out the pictures for Christmas I thought... might as well do it now before I forget.

I actually decided to make a timeline after I was researching ideas for our unit studies and I thought of doing one on "Kings and Queens" and thought... I would really like to teach Treyton a little bit more about time and what "a long time ago" means.

So... my mind started rolling. I was homeschooled my whole life, and my mom used a KONOS timeline until my sisters and I were in high school. I really liked the concept that KONOS used but to be honest at this time I'm just not willing to give up that amount of wall space in our living area. So, I decided to make my own. Right now, we don't need a large timeline because we're not filling it up with tons of historical figures so I decided to use two different colors the pink color represents 100 years worth of time, once we got into more modern times (starting in 1400) I started using 50 year periods, which are represented by green.

Write now we only have our favorite Bible stories/figures and our immediate family.
I made most of my figures from an AWESOME free clipart site I recommend this for ANY of your homeschooling needs :)

I then cut out strips of paper (sized for my liking). I laminated everything and posted them with sticky tack.

Here is the finished product:

Because it is in the entry way to our Master Bedroom, I couldn't get a great angle of it for a picture, but here is the entire timeline.

Here is the top where the bulk of our characters are placed - finding the times of life for the Bible characters is actually harder than you think because there are many conflicting theories on WHEN the exodus happened and etc. so I did some minor research (as much as I would allow myself) and went with the theory that I found to be most convincing out of the material I found in my ESV study Bible and online.

This is just a closer view

For our family I just made a word document with our pictures and birthdates... these are Treyton's favorites.

We haven't done a lot with our timeline yet, besides going over which Bible characters are which, but I have no doubt this timeline will become a great resource in our schooling. It took me one afternoon to put it together, laminate and hang. Treyton helped with some of it, but I mostly did it on my own.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Kim said...

Really neat idea! And thank you for the clip art site. That looks fantastic!

Ticia said...

Super cool idea, and now I need to go check out that clip art site. I'm always looking for a good site.

Amy said...

I like the stacked idea. This is something I have been considering also, but not sure where I could find enough room to go end to end.

Kim said...

I just nominated you for a blog award - stop by and pick it up!

Kathy said...

Hi, I linked to your blog from Michelle at Delightful Learning. I love your timeline, and I love how you're taking your children to a deeper understanding of time. I can tell you're an awesome Mom, and I hope these next weeks are a true blessing as you continue your homeschooling journey.