Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas "Break"

Over Christmas break we managed to get some school done - this is some of what we worked on

Letter Yy 
For the letter Yy we simply completed the Explode the Code workbook, at Treyton's request. This was one of those days Treyton was asking to do school and I just grabbed his workbook and let him work on it - knowing the Yy was a letter he was already somewhat comfortable with I was okay with a "lighter" workload.

Daily Binder 
Using the daily binder we worked on counting to 31, we talked about the New Year and started working on learning the months of the year song. We continued to review our memory verses and introduced a new verse "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" Psalm 138:14 to go along with our Human Body Unit study.

We did fairly thorough review of number 1-6, counting is not an issue, but writing is primarily our focus - we used extra worksheets and the white board to practice writing. Treyton continues to struggle the most with #2, but the more he practices the better he is getting. I'm proud of his progress.

Handwriting & Letter Recognition

Treyton practiced writing g, y, l, c, w, and s while also reviewing (with flashcards and our alphabet chart) all of our letters and the sounds they make - Treyton passed this with flying colors!! He'll be ready for phonics before I know it (though I'm still contemplating when to start it).

Advent Calendar 
We finished up our Advent Calendar and most of our Christmas Symbol Lapbook. I look forward to doing this every year, I think that the kids, particularly Treyton really got a lot out of it. And more than any other year, I think, we focused on what Christmas really means.

We worked on various crafts over our break
Gingerbread House - I actually got this after Christmas at Wal-Mart on clearance for $2 (how do you pass that up?) the kids and I had a lot of fun making it


Flower Pot Pals - for Mommer's birthday the kids made a handmade gift - flower pot pals. I got a pack of spoons (for $1!) the kids then painted them. After they dried we added hair, eyes and accessories (a hot glue gun was used during the making of these pals) - they can be used indoors or outdoors - in your potted flower plants or outdoor gardens. 


We had a great "break" I hope you all did too!


Kim said...

I love those flower pot pals!

Mommer said...

I love my flower pot pals, my plants seem so much brighter!!

Ticia said...

The flower pot pals are super cute! I've seen that idea for use as puppets, but hadn't seen it this way.
What do you do for your daily binder?