Saturday, January 23, 2010

Geography Pages: Take Two

I posted earlier this week that we were making geography pages after we got a our new Cricut cartridge (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!)

I forgot to post the pictures that Treyton drew on the back of his drawings.
So far we have completed Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia and Louisiana.

Treyton has drawn pictures on all but the Louisiana - he has been to Louisiana but it's been years - he certainly doesn't remember going so he doesn't have any experiences to draw on to draw a picture except of his Papa Mike (my dad).

We'll see if he draws a picture or not.... :)

 This is the back of our Florida page on the left - he drew a picture of himself in the ocean (we went to Florida in February of this year). I had him tell me about his picture this is exactly what he said (I wrote it at the top of his page) "This is me at the beach. Mom, Dad & Alexa are taking a picture of me. I look good. The sun is shining. I am in the water. It is fun."
 This is his Virginia picture "This is a picture of Aunt Nana (with a baby in her belly), the beach and the big statue." [He is referring to the Washington Monument]
This is our Wisconsin page - It is a picture of Treyton, Mom, Dad, Alexa and Sammy (Treyton's best friend).

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Ticia said...

I love the idea of having them draw something about each state. What a cool idea.
I'm just bubbling over with ideas, now what to do about all of this.......