Monday, January 18, 2010

Geography Pages

When I was looking for some fun ways to teach Treyton geography, I ran across a 50 states Cricut Cartridge. I am a scrapper, and I own a Cricut machine so I decided to see how much I could find it for on e-bay. I was delighted when I found it for $20!!

When I originally bought it I thought that it just cut out the state shape and the name of the shape but after I actually opened it up and looked at it I realized it does so much more!! It does the state, the name, the capital, the bird, the flower and the flag!! It's incredible.
We don't need anything more than the state name and shape right now, but eventually I'm sure we will use them. I'm super excited for what a great tool this is going to be for us.

Anyhow, on to our new pages. Like I've mentioned before, my goal right now is purely learning the places of the states - he knows some of the states names on his own, but due to the pronunciation of some of the states I don't expect too much. At this point I just want to be able to mention or refer to a state and him to be able to identify it on a map.

So our pages are pretty basic - We put on the state name, the state shape, a US Map where Treyton colored in the state on the map, and any stickers/pictures that help us to identify the state. For the states that we have visited or know people from we will be adding our own pictures, otherwise it will probably just be stickers and/or clip art. 

Here are the first two pages we did today:

I just realized I didn't take pictures of the back - on the back Treyton has drawn two pictures. The one of Wisconsin - he drew our family (the 4 of us) and Sammy, his best friend. On the Florida one he drew the sun and a picture of him in the water - he also told me a little story which I wrote on the back - I will try to take a picture of it later and attach it to this post. (And yes, before I get a bunch of comments, I do realize that Florida is backwards - I corrected it later, I was just proud of how straight he kept everything and what a nice job he did following instructions - I told him where to place everything because I want the pages to look similar to one another - didn't he do a great job?!)

I found the map and copied it to a Word document so that I could minimize it to the size I wanted. I found the map here.


Jessica-MomForHim said...

These look great! Thanks for the link to the US map--that was on my to-do list! :-)

Ticia said...

Okay, this gives me an excuse to want a cricut machine...... I want one off and on, but that is way too cool! I need to get off my but and start working on some geography stuff for the kids.