Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting Back to School: Letter Vv & Zz

We spent this week slowly working our way back into our "school" routine - it wasn't always pretty but we still had a lot of fun. To be completely honest, I don't think it was the "getting back to" as much as mom's apparent hormone surges that have been occurring this week. (Does anyone know anything about hormone surges at around week 30 of pregnancy - I swear - I haven't been this emotional in a LONG time!?)

Letter Vv 
For letter Vv we completed our work in the Explode the Code book as well as Handwriting without Tears. Treyton had no problem writing the letter Vv and already new the sound so, as far as "letter learning" Vv was pretty easy.

Crafts & Activities for the Letter Vv 
We made a Vine craft out of yarn and construction paper leaves - Treyton loved this craft because he got to do the glue all on his own!

We also did Vegetable Painting - with carrots, broccoli and cauliflower - this was Treyton's favorite activity from the week for sure! He giggled almost the entire time he worked on the project - it was pretty cute.


Treyton also did his Vv letter page from Homeschool Creation

We also ate lots of vegetables this week. Tim just so happened to start a detox program this week so our house is full of organic vegetables - the kids tried spaghetti squash for the first time and dad also made a really fun vegetable and bean salad which the kids ate a lot of too.
We had special discussion on how good vegetables are for our body which went along well as we finished up digestion in our human body unit study. I told Treyton "Vegetables are very good for us and give us a lot of good, healthy energy" to which Treyton replied "Good, cause I want to run" 

Letter Zz 
We completed our work in the Explode the Code book. Again, Treyton already knew the sound and pretty much how to write the letter Zz so it was fairly simple to complete our work.

Crafts and Activities for the letter Zz
Z is for Zebra - I drew a letter Zz on a piece of paper and had Treyton draw stripes on it - just like a Zebra

Z is for Zoo - Treyton took stickers of animals that he has seen at the zoo and stuck them on construction paper to make his own "mini zoo" Treyton enjoyed this craft, I think because he enjoys animals so much - each animal was specially selected for his zoo, and he was particular, not just any animal made it ;)
Math - the Number 7 
Treyton worked this week on writing his numbers 1-7, he continues to struggle with 2 but is improving a little with 3, he wants to write it backwards but it is technically right. 
We used the Rod & Staff "C" book for introduction the number 7, he loves the little rhymes they have to learn how to write the numbers (for example for 3 they say "around the tree, around the tree, that's the way we make a three"). He doesn't have them memorized but he does like for me to say them as he is writing the numbers. 

Daily Binder
Treyton is continuing to improve in all areas of the daily binder, I think I mentioned before that he has completely memorized Tim's work number and is now starting on our home number. He is up to 14 states that he can recognize by name and locate on the map. And on his letter chart he can say the name and sound of every letter except for (Ii and Uu - he know's U's name but not it's sound). 


Virginia Lee said...

Ya'll are getting so much done. Amazing energy for week 30!

Debbie said...

For a slow start to getting back into the swing of school, you sure got a lot done. Great job!

Ticia said...

It looks like ya'll had a great week. I like the Z for zebra and the zoo stickers. That's always a popular activity in my house.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Great start of the year. Treyton's handwriting is pretty impressive.