Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Human Body Unit Study - Digestive System

We're back, I know it seems as though we've been gone, but we weren't just taking it easy during the holidays (like most of you). Though we mostly just enjoyed the Christmas/New Year break, we also took some time out here and there to continue on with some of our school.

We are still working on our Human Body Unit Study - we have been particularly focused on the digestive system, which was where Treyton seemed the most interested in. We are keeping our studies pretty simple and basic, we're not focusing on knowing names or anything like that.

Digestive System - Primary Lessons 
(Treyton is 4 years 4 months old)

~ There are 4 main parts of the digestive "tube" (the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines) to show this we colored a picture of the digestive system. To be honest I didn't think that Treyton would think of this as a "fun" activity but he did! He showed it to dad as soon as he got home - and we colored each "part" a different color which helped him to see that there were 4 different parts

~ The "tube" is made of muscle which helps to move the food through the tube while mashing it up to really small pieces that the body can use for energy
To illustrate this we did an experiment I found in the "The Amazing Human Body" First Book of Experiments - we took a pair of Lexie's tights and an orange and we squeezed the orange through her tights.

~ There are foods that are good for us and give us good energy and foods that are bad for us. And we need to eat the foods that are good for us rather than the foods that are bad for us.

I made a chart for our lapbook and printed out clipart for Treyton to cut out and decide if it was "good" food or "bad" food. This was rather humbling as a few of the items Treyton said "Why do you let me eat ____ if it's not good for me?" ..... hmmm, good question!


We've read our human body books alot, which still keep Treyton interested. Overall, I'm very pleased with all the Treyton picked up regarding the digestive system. We will be moving on from here to the bones which Treyton is very excited about!! I have a book with skeleton pieces that he has been dying to put together!

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Ticia said...

Heading over here from Crumpet to see your super cool experiment. Man, what a fun idea. I think I'll do this when we get to vegetables and eating.