Sunday, January 31, 2010

Human Body: Wrap Up

This week was our last week on the Human Body. I was planning on moving on to the Ocean next but realized it was another large unit so after talking to Treyton we agreed snakes would be a better choice. :) It's a shorter unit and one that Treyton really wants to do.... but THEN.... Treyton and I started talking about Dinosaurs today and now Treyton thinks he wants to do a unit on Dinosaurs next.
I'm intrigued by the idea because Treyton got 2 DVDs recently about Dinosaurs and the Bible, so maybe, just maybe I will try this weekend to put a small (week or two long) unit together. We will see.

Anyhow, back to the Human Body - this week we worked on our 5 Senses, Growth and Exercise and Feelings.

5 Senses:
I kept this pretty simple because Treyton basically knows what I would want him too about his senses he just doesn't know they are called "senses" and that there are 5 of them. (even after spending a day or two on this, I'm still not sure he knows this)
We started out by reading "My Five Senses" and "Look, Listen, Taste, Touch and Smell"
Next we did a little experiment with balloons and our sense of touch. I found this over at One Hook Wonder for her Montessori Monday. I filled five balloons with five different things (oatmeal, noodles, rice, black beans and brown sugar) I then filled five bowls with the same things. Treyton felt the balloons and matched them up to the right bowls - he got them all right (though he did have to change one of his answers half-way through).
Assigning them all a "home" 
(Here are the kids eating the raw ingredients!) 
After that we completed our lapbook piece on the five senses, I had Treyton list off things that he could taste, touch, smell, hear and see and I wrote them on a graph. (I thought this was a neat idea but to be honest Treyton didn't get that much out of it).

Growth and Exercise
We did the ABC exercise cards that I printed off from Homeschool Share - our entire family LOVED this! We did it during the day while dad was at work, but then we did it again after dad got home.
I took all of the cards and laid them in a crazy pile face down- each kid took a turn picking a card - after which of course we would all do them.
I can not remember a time when I laughed so hard - Lexa can hardly do them but that didn't stop her from trying!! She was such a trooper trying them all out.
Leg Lifts 
Flexing (this cracked me up so bad!!) This is how Treyton flexes too!! 
Treyton doing the Inchworm Crawl 
Songs & Play
While we were "working out so hard" we decided to sing all of our active human body songs (hokey pokey, If you're Happy and You Know it, Father Abraham, etc.) We had tons of fun with this and it reminded me that I need to make a point of doing these type of activities more often. Alexa absolutely loved trying to following along with Treyton and I and Treyton did well to get out some energy!!
Father Abraham 
Lexa twirling for the Hokey Pokey! Needless to say this was all she did for most of the song :) 

I kept this pretty short and sweet too. Treyton and I talked about feelings and then we completed the lapbook activities I printed off from Carissa over at 1+1+1=1
(Sorry I didn't get any pictures)

Overall, I really enjoyed this unit and I'm amazed by how much Treyton actually got out of it - I know that we will have to do this again at an elementary age, and I'm okay with that. For right now, Treyton asks alot of questions about.... everything... but especially about our bodies, this unit was a great opportunity to answer some of those questions.

Truth be told, I don't think you're ever really done with a "human body" unit, at least not with kids, they always want to know something. God bless their inquisitive minds!!


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Answers in Genesis has some Bible based dinosaur videos, that can be viewed for free on their website too, if you do head into a dino study next.

Kim said...

I love the balloon touch experiment. We'll have to give that a try. Love the dance pics!

Ticia said...

I think human body is a great one to do over and over again.
I had so many great things planned for the five senses and my kids would have none of it. Oh well, maybe some day they will.
We just read a cute story called the Dinosaur Pet Store, or something like that. It was really fun to read, but I'd supply different words for the last few pages which got into evolution.....

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing the great unit study. I'll be borrowing some of your ideas.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Your activities for your Human Body unit are WONDERFUL!! I would be over the moon if you would be willing to come over to my blog and join our Smart Summer Challenge: Me on the Map Linky Party today!
We have lots of mamas and teachers sharing and getting great ideas from each other and I think they'd love your activities : )

pink and green mama